A new shooter comes and the boss is safe There was not something like that before

With Synced: Off-Planet was presented a new shooter at Dergamescom 2021 – for the second time. Meinmmo was able to talk to the developers in advance with the developers who say: Synced will justify a new sub-genre of the shooter.

During the Gamescom 2021 there was a new trailer to the upcoming shooter Synced: Off-Planet. In a dystopic setting, humanity was overturned from the technology after crosslinked nanobots received a faulty update.

The result: most of humanity died and only a few bigger survivors now struggle to be completely wiped out. The clou: You are one of these survivors with a special ability.

The infected people became a kind of cyber zombie, so-called Nanos. But these can be controlled with your ability. With the help of the Nanos, you should then help other survivors to flee from the planet.

Synced: Off-planet comes from the Studio Next, which is part of the Chinese Mega Group Tencent. We were able to talk in advance with the Creative Director Clark Yang and the Narrative Director Kevin Shortt and ask them some questions.

The mix makes it: survival, shooter and companion

Genre: Shooter | Developer: Next | Platform: PC | Release: 2022

What is synced: off-planet at all? is played synced: off-planet in round and different modes, divided into PVE and PVP. It plays in third-person perspective, uses different weapons, gadgets and the already mentioned Nanos.

The aim of the PVP rounds is to achieve shuttles, which bring the survivors from the earth into the orbit, where the ark waits. You always struggle against NPC opponents as well as other players, alone or in teams from 3.

The new shooter uses elements from survival and tactics shooters. So you can go into cover, finds items in the individual matches and tries about in PVE mode as long as it goes to survive. There you will also find interesting information about the Background Story.

For the first time, the game was announced in 2019. Since then it was quite quiet about Synced: Off-Planet and it has done much to the Re-Announcement on the Gamescom 2021. On the evening of August 26, there will also be a showcase that shown more synced is (via youtube.com).

What has happened in the time? According to the developers, Story and features were further expanded. For example, players find themselves between the rounds in the safe zone Haven, a kind of hub.

Due to different missions, the story should be told so that you have learning who is actually guilty of the whole dilemma and where your skills come from.

Release, Battle Pass and Beta

Which model persecuted Synced? The shooter will receive different Seasons with a Battle Pass. So far, the developers have not yet agreed whether Synced will be a buy2play or a free2play title.

During the Seasons you can earn various rewards.

When can I play synced? The Advanced alpha test starts on the PC on September 3, 2021. The release is planned for early 2022, on Steam and other providers on the PC.

You can log in to the official website for the test (via Syncedoffplanet.com). However, the subscriber places are limited.

Interview with the devs: We define a new sub-genre

Can you give me a brief overview of the game? What is the idea behind Synced?

Clark: Synced: Off-Planet is a 3rd-person multiplayer survival game. In it we focus on the dynamics between PVE and PVP elements. To make the thing unique and make the gameplay more unique, we have a mechanics called Sync.

During the gameplay you can weaken your opponents and then control them to fight for your side. You can give them commands and work with them to create very interesting, tactical gameplay.

We define a new sub-genre called Companion-Based Shooter, I think. There was not something like that before. We use these mechanics for different game modes. There are about modes with the focus on PVP, where the right choice of sync nanos and tactics is the key to success.

But we also have PVE modes in which you work with your teammates and fights with companions side by side to dive deeper into the world and survive as long as it works. At the end you then defeat a boss.

Each of these gameplays will feel completely different, but it builds everything on the SYNCS and the companion-based shooter gameplay.

is the world coherent or is it from different maps?

Clark: There are several maps and each mode will also have its own maps. But they are all quite big and there is a lot to discover as well as a story for each of these places. Kevin can certainly say more.

Kevin: Safe. We are here in the near future, in which the world was enthusiastic about the new technology of the Morpheus chip. This has firmed the people firmly with all available data.

But then there was a faulty or corrupt update and billions of people have died immediately. Nano technology flowed through them and transformed them to these machines that we call Nanos.

The company broke together, it was a world that is dominated by these Nanos. And there are a few groups of survivors who are now struggling to escape Nanos. The only secure place you have is the space station that we call The Ark (The Ark).

As a player, you are one of these survivors but have special skills. You can synchronize with these Nanos and control them to fight them against other Nanos. You are important to get other survivors in the shuttles – something like the vanguard so that survivors come to the shuttles and the planet. Here begins the journey.

3 game modes, many playable characters

If you say, our job is to get people to the shuttle: is that part of the gameplay? People to protect in the modes? Or is that just part of the background story?

Kevin: That’s more part of the background. Your goal is to bring you and your team members to the shuttles and secure them to get the people from the planet.

Clark: This is also reflected on the side of the gameplay. There are several game modes that are dedicated to the story. One of the modes means off planet in which players make their own three-person teams, fight against each other, use Nanos for the fight and try to secure the only available shuttle.

Another mode is called Shuttle Rush. ‚Äč‚ÄčThis is about the points you collect, and in the mode there are three rounds on shuttles, which appear: 3 in the first round, 2 in the second and only one in the Last.

So there are several shuttles to fight the players and who can get them. But beyond that, you can also bring survivors back into play when eliminated or have left the planet. This creates a much better momentum, if you can set up the tactics with your team and credits when you do something.

The last game mode is rather PVE-oriented. Here you collect corrupted data and learn what’s happened in the world and how it came to the point where it is now.

Are there prefabricated characters with classes? Or can I create my own characters?

Kevin: We decide how exactly we will do that, but we definitely want you to look your appearance, the clothes that outfit. We consider how far we will go here, but we want to make sure that players can define themselves.

So there is no premade characters or classes, everyone can do everything?

Clark: correct. There are many survivors that you can use with a PERK system. This defines what is the advantages of a particular character. Players have the choice here. You can use different survivors for different modes, so you can get the maximum.

So I can have several characters?

Clark: Yes, exactly.

And in terms of length, how long does a match take?

Clark: Every mode has its own length, but we try to limit that. PVP modes will take about 20-30 minutes and become quite intense. It’s great fun, but we do not want the matches to move too long.

In PvE, however, if you are really good and greatly plays your benefits, you can take a good 40-50 minutes. However, since the mode is really hard and challenging, it calculates that even after 20-30 minutes will end, depending on the player’s input.

How dynamic is the world? Are there days and weather?

Clark: Days of day in any case, we still work on the weather. Once the game is live, we can certainly bring interesting updates for the players. In terms of dynamics: every time you go into play, you spawn in different places.

So you have to plan your route exactly every time: how do I suggest this round? This creates the ultimate recovery. The Spawn changes every round and Loot as well as opponents are all dynamically scattered in the world.

So you can not say, Ah, there at the intersection was a Nano, because next time it may be different.

Nanos and their skills: Teamwork will win the game at the end

Let’s talk a little about the Loot: is the only for the respective round or for every character that develops evolving?

Clark: We focus on the Ingame Loot. Everything that has an impact on your tactics and improves your skills can be found in the gameplay. Various weapons, traits, core chips. With different types of chips you can take over opponent and then turn them into different types of Naos.

This is important for the game: There are 4 types of Nanos. Crusher, suppressor, Guardian and Seer. Each of them has been developed for different applications, tactics and advantages.

If you find about a crusher core chip, you can submit a nano in the world and make it crusher. Then you have a tank in front of you. The crusher is built for the destruction and presses opponents from the cover.

The suppressor works differently. Who is about oppression fire on a long distance. He fires his cannon over 50 meters to pinnal opponents so that you can flank.

Guardians are interesting because they can create an energy seventh. When you start him, the nano turns into this shield and starts balls for you. That’s very useful.

The last Nano, the Seer, causes not a lot of damage, but can scan the battlefield and give you information about where the opponents are. Imagine: I am a sniper, sitting somewhere camouflaged, waiting for the opponent and press the trigger. With the Seer as a companion I know where potential threats are and have such an advantage.

If you work together with your teammates when the approximately has a suppressor, creating an interesting momentum. You have the info where opponents could be. That tells her your friend and this can monitor the area with its suppressor. Then you can find the right angle to snip.

This type of teamwork will end up winning and creating interesting scenarios. […]

only so that I understand correctly: the Nanos work like placeable objects, or do I have to touch an opponent to transform it?

Clark: You have to touch him.

Okay, and what he does or what he transforms himself depends on which Nano I activate?

Clark: Yes, exactly.

How many lifestyles do you actually have and can you increase the?

Clark: They are certain, because fair game is important. Everyone starts the game with the same points, there is not really progress. That would not be fair for the newcomers.

Kevin: That’s why it’s important to collect the Health Packs.

And I can revive other players, right?

Clark: correct.

What I noticed: If you aim about Kimme and Grain, you’re going to go into the sight, although the game is in 3rd person. How does it come?

Clark: We tried to really lend the game depth in the combat gameplay. There are three modes:

  • Hipfire, you do not have to go to the sight, but the scattering is much higher. That’s good to cover a larger area.
  • The second is about the shoulder: Here you are more precisely, but you can still move quite freely.
  • In ADS mode, you can not move so fast, but is clearly more accurate, for example for distant goals.

It is the choice of the player, which mode he uses when and I think that’s quite important. The players often talk about how situation which mode is the best. That’s exactly the depths we want. Easy to learn, but if you want to master it, it will take a while.

And if I have seen that correctly, is there active cover? You can snap into place?

Clark: Yes.


The Progress: We give the players more choice, not better selection

Once again to the Loot and the progress: Is there a progress system beyond the laps?

Clark: Yes, we give the players only more choices, not better choice. That means: If I games many hours, I can choose from several weapons and more skins, but that does not mean that a new player has fewer advantages.

Every time you go into the game, you can take a primary weapon. However, the stats of the weapon do not change. It does not matter how long you played. There is only some essays.

Exercises change only the performance of the weapon, not their values. […]

How many players are there per round?

Clark: depends on the mode. The Off Planet mode supports up to 48 players, Shuttle Rush is limited to 36 players. The PVE mode is only for 3 players in the co-op.

What are the team options in the off planet fashion?

Clark: You can either play with two friends as a three-team or solo.

You already say that it is a futuristic setting. Which type of weapons and gadgets can we look forward to?

Clark: Laser weapons and something maybe in future updates, but we want players to easily understand the weapons. Most weapons should already know as a player and we build more on classic weapons with balls.

But we have a very interesting gadget. Whenever you start a lap, you can choose a gadget. Some of them are absolute high-tech and can be used in different scenarios.

The bouncing grenade about hopping and every time it jumps, it creates an explosion. There is even a traceable grenade that persecutes opponents as soon as you ship them. She does not do much damage, but interrupts the goal.

There are some gadgets that are specifically for the Nanos or protect you. Collaboration with your sync nano and the use of your gadgets generates the dynamics at the end.

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All posts for Gamescom

Synced and Scavengers – Similar games?

From what I’ve heard now, Synced sounds a bit after another game, as recently appeared: Scavengers. Have you already learned something from their rather harsh start to the Early Access or worry that the two games are too similar?

Clark: I’m not worried at all. There are a few different points. First of all, we have a unique mechanism in the core gameplay with the Sync Nanos. That’s why we always say that we are more of a companion-based shooter.

Second, we not only have a mode, but several and each of them feels absolutely different if you play him. And thirdly we test very closely along with the players, we learn a lot.

We listen to the players and the community, ask what they like or do not like. And every time we implement something new, we make sure the build is better than the previous one.

I think this commitment with the community is the key to our success, because Synced is a multiplayer game and the community is enormously important here. […]

If you combine all this and then take the story, then our package is much more richer and something more complete, if you want. And in the end we emphasize with this sync mechanism as a companion shooter from the crowd.

The technique makes it: A brand new IP with brand new gameplay

Which engine do you actually use?

Clark: Unreal 4.

Before a while there were RayTracing trailers – is that still supported?

Clark: Yes, we still work and Nvidia gave us huge support for the engine department. The technology always ensures amazing visual effects in the game. We will continue to work with you to introduce other features.

Will there be a German version?

Clark: Of course! The Alpha is mainly in English, but later localizations and German are particularly important to our audience. We have many core gamers in Germany and talk to them daily.

Is there anything else that you want to turn out?

Clark: What we create here is a brand new IP with brand new gameplay, even if many games make something similar from the rules of game modes. But I think our core mechanics is so unique, that did not exist before. And she really changes the dynamics of the gameplay.

The mental process when you play Synced is completely different compared to other shooters. And that makes fun the combination of scenarios, the dynamics of situations and the surprises make every passage and match differently.

Even if we play, we never know what we can expect […] I hope people can enjoy it as well.

Kevin: Part of it is also the sheer size of the card. These are not small arenas, but 1 km to 1 km big maps. This carries huge opportunities for different strategies. That makes the whole thing so dynamic.

The interview led our colleague Christian Fritz Schneider from Gamestar Video for Meinmmo.

Synced: Off-Planet is not the only new adjustment of Gamescom 2021. In our overview, we have summarized all new trailers of this year’s fair for you:

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