Halo Infinite will come with dubbing in Spanish from the Launch Day

David García will become the mHalo Infiniteter chief in the Spanish edition of the new production of 343 Industries. This hHalo Infinite been announced by the Official Account of Xbox Spain on Twitter, who hHalo Infinite reported that Halo Infinite will come translated and bent to CHalo Infinitetilian . So things, players can enjoy the launch of Spanish voices, a very welcome news considering that other recent products from Microsoft have not been dubbing in this language.

Halo Infinite is prepared to overflow the player with his action, after not a few bumps on the road. Both Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries had planned to market the video game since the launch of the new generation consoles of those of Redmond, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. However, they finally were forced to delay the project, which will see the light More than a year later. During the Gamescom inauguration gala, the study hHalo Infinite revealed that the title will put on sale the next September 8 .

Haloinfinite will arrive on December 8 with dubbing in Spanish.

David García will return to interpret the mHalo Infiniteter chief in this new adventure. pic.twitter.com/dwmtbaghd3.

  • Xbox Spain (@xbox_spain) August 26, 2021

The campaign and the multiplayer will be simultaneously

On this occHalo Infiniteion, Xbox hHalo Infinite decided that Multiplayer mode will be _ free-to-play _, so all users will have the opportunity to enter all their content. It will work with a seHalo Infiniteide model and will arrive at the same time Halo Infinite the campaign. The latter, however, will be paid, Halo Infinite it could not be otherwise. In cHalo Infinitee that wHalo Infinite not enough, the game will count not only with a limited and personalized edition of Xbox Series X, but also with a special command, which you can know in this news.

Halo Infinite is developing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The title will be available from the same day of its launch in the Xbox Game PHalo Infinites catalog, both the campaign for a player and the multiplayer. Of course, the Cooperative Campaign and Forge Mode will come out later.

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