Marsupilami Hoobadventure The unusual comic hero from the jungle gets a 2D

Marsupilami is a comics character as well as fictional pet species developed by André Franquin. Its opening night was in the January 31st, 1952 concern of the Franco-Belgian comics publication Spirou. Ever since it appeared routinely in the preferred Belgian comics series Spirou & Fantasio, as a pet of the main personalities, till Franquin stopped working on the series; the character’s last look in the series during Franquin’s life time remained in 1970.
In the late 1980s, another personality of the same species, unique from the pet Marsupilami had by Spirou and also Fantasio, got its own effective spin-off collection of comic cds entitled Marsupilami, created by Greg, Yann, and Dugomier, and also attracted by Batem. The 1987 release of the first Marsupilami album noted the debut magazine of the posting house Marsu Productions, which was named after the personality.
Marsupilami has actually given that become a multimedia franchise business, with numerous animated series, an attribute movie, a Marsupilami Sega Genesis computer game as well as a variety of other merchandise. The planet 98494 Marsupilami is named in its honour.
Marsupilami’s journeys had actually been translated to numerous languages, like Dutch, German, Greek, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and also a number of Scandinavian languages. The most recent English translations are released by the British publishing home Cinebook. More than 3 million albums of the Marsupilami series are declared to have actually been marketed by Marsu Productions.In 2013, Dupuis bought Marsu Productions and also its characters, thereby allowing a new manufacturing of Spirou & Fantasio experiences consisting of the Marsupilami. The Marsupilami returned to the Spirou & Fantasio series in the cd La Colère du Marsupilami, launched in 2016.

Huba-Hopp: Who knows this exclamation, should have come into contact with the Marsupilami comic. The strange jungle with its multifunctional tail joined in 1952 for the first time in the Comic Series Spirou and Fantasio – and soon gets its own 2D platform.

As reports, Marsupilami appears: Hoobadventure from Microids and Developers OCELLUS Studio on 16 November 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (via Steam). After the three marsupilamis punch, twisters and hops accidentally opened a cursed sarcopharg and unleashed a bad spirit, it goes to a rescue mission: they finally have to free all the animals of the forest, which were attacked by the darkness. The Steam Store explains:

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