NBA 2K22 The W reveals new functions for next generation consoles

Last year, nba 2k21 introduced the W, a new game option that essentially merged MyPlayer mode with the WNBA. Given its popularity among the fans of the long-term basketball game franchise, it is not surprising that The W will return for NBA 2K22, but it will return this time with some additional features in the next generation consoles.

2K Games has revealed some new features that will arrive at The W in the game edition of this year. As in the previous trips of MyPlayer, The W will now have a player progression system that uses insignia based on specific skills. There will also be training and additional experiences during the day, as well as some updates to The W Online.

All these new additions and changes will arrive exclusively to next-generation editions of NBA 2K22 at Launch, which means that you can experience them in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Here is a complete summary of the new functions of The W in nba 2k22:

  • Progression of new players: With a new insignia progression function, players will be able to gain badges to improve their games while embarking on the trip to become legends of the WNBA. Competing on the court or striving in practice, players can equip and update badges to personalize their configurations from my player depending on their unique specialties;
  • Free day experience: The W presents three new playable activities so that the rest days have. Games, team practices and contact training are the players the opportunity to perfect their trade as they develop throughout the season. First, in a franchise, the historical and current stars of the WNBA can be challenged in contact training to acquire new skills on the road to greatness;
  • The W Online: Returning to NBA 2K22 for consoles PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S, The W Online offers new ways to connect with the community 2k. Players can connect with friends before the pairing process to go to the court as a team. When playing at The W Online, players will be able to win Season XP as they upload level to win new awards and awards.

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Since we present The W A NBA 2K, we set out to develop one of the sets of game modes and more complete functions focused on a female professional league, said Felicia Steenhouse, Senior Visual Concepts producer. It is based on authenticity and offers an experience that honors and raises some of the best players in the world: WNNBA women.

NBA 2K22 is scheduled to get to stores on September 10. Will be available at PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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