Terror of Hemasaurus Nostalgic destructor care for PC and consoles in the march

The Finnish developer Loren Lemcke (Super Blood Hockey) and Indie-Publisher Digerati have teamed up to the Arcade Classic Rampage-based destruction orgide Terror of Hemasaurus early 2022 not only for PC, but also for PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One To publish Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. On Steam you can already set the 2D coop action to the wish list, on the official website sign up for a beta participation. In the game description, it says: _ Games in this retro city smash-up as a huge monster and straightening chaos and devastation! Smashing building, snapping helicopter, friss humans, pushing cars around – bloodshed is fun! Arcade -Action and pointless destruction for up to 4 players!

The earth is shortly before the climate collapse! The church of the Holy Echsee broods a questionable plan to save humanity from its own low estimation of the planet – in the form of a monster, which spreads anxiety and horrors. Total rioting and destruction over numerous stages as one of four recently thawed monsters. Love from joy, if you are in this apocalyptic retro-arcade blaster full of great shellal, fulfilling destruction and absurdly struggled citizens and powdering buildings! _

As features are mentioned:

  • _Monster! – Hemasaurus! Clocksloth! Salamandrah! Autonomous Hemasaurus! Four pigstone flowers (but somehow cute) beasts, each with their own killermoves! _
  • _ Dear Disorder! – Explosive pixel administration and chaos of monstrous dimensions! Processed buildings to dust. Bring skyscraper to collapse. Just break everything! _
  • _DEATH! – Sluper people in rotor blades of helicopters! Roller stuffed crowds down! Friss Brave citizens! Just make everything flat and save the planet! _
  • _Staps! – TU in numerous levels, what the game requires you! Shock cars in buildings! Save dogs and cats! Make a tower in record time! _
  • _FRIENDS! – You know people? Good for you! Should they make useful and go to a local co-op massacre at hand! Up to four friends can take together for fear and terror! _

Last current video: BetaTrailer

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