The GDDR6 memory of the Xbox Series X enables more complex simulations and Likelife

The improved memory of the console could mean that some complex effects are easier and therefore more commonly used.

Although we have to find a lot about the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has previously been announced a whole range of details, from the appearance of the console to improvements to the controller. There were also some details about the technical data of the hardware, and these details have inspired some developers in particular.

For example, we have spoken with the development team of the upcoming open-world fantasy title The Falconeer at Wired Productions on some aspects of the more powerful hardware of the Xbox Series X. You noticed the solid-state drive and loading times, the main point are where you will be helpful .

In addition, the developer said about the GDDR6 memory of the upcoming console that the improved memory will enable developers to use more complex effects more frequently, and will lead to better simulations and increasing the lifelike playback.

There are some special features on the console that have to do with the storage management and instantiation of content at runtime, said the developer. Basically, you can create enemies and explosions on the PC, but on the console you are always waiting for the starting blocks created or summarized for use. This is the kind of workaround, which may no longer be required in the future. As a developer, some complex effects can be easily achieved and therefore more commonly used. I think, as before, this could lead to more complex simulations and a general increase in the lifelike playback loyalty in terms of behavior and content and not with regard to visual elements.

The Falconeeer will be available later this year for PC and Xbox One. Our complete interview with the developer will be live soon, so stay it.

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