Brandon Routh chosen for the Magic Animated Series The Netflix The Gathering

Superman himself will star in the next magic: The Gathering Animate Series. Wizards of the Coast announced that Brandon Routh will give a voice to Gideon Jura in the next Netflix series, which will come out in the second half of 2022. The animated series will be a completely new series, but will have many acquaintances. Magic: The Gathering Characters, like Gideon and Jace Beren. You can see a first look at Gideon from the animated series below:

Magic: The Gathering will arrive at Netflix in the second half of 2022! This animated series is a completely new story that presents lovely characters as our friend Gideon here. Be attentive to the birth novel, which comes along with the first Netflix season.

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Gideon is one of magic: The Gathering Main Characters and has been a central part of many stories during the 30 years of game history. Gideon is a hiernant and flat walker, which means that he is able to travel to many of the plans where magic: The Gathering takes place. Gideon is also a founding member of Gatewatch, a group of planewalkers that come together to face threats throughout the Multiverse. Gideon serves as the Moral Center of the Guardians and is described as someone who always defends what is right and fair. Netflix also revealed that at least part of the program will be developed in Ravnica, a city of the whole planet and one of the most popular configurations for the game.

During a brief video reproduced during the magic exhibition of Wizards of the Coast, Routh noted that he is an important magic: The Gathering Fan who plays from 16 and has too many cards. Routh previously expressed RAL in Magia: Arena, a digital version of the popular card game. You can see Routh’s thoughts about playing Gideon below:

Well, this is what we learned at Wizard’s Magic: The Gathering Showcase 2021 … First, Brandon Routh (Superman!) To play Gideon Jura.

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MAGIC: The Gathering will be launched in Netflix in 2022.

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