Starfield reveals details of their scenarios in several videos

The new intellectual property of Bethesda wXbox Series officially presented during the Xbox Conference at E3 2021. Starfield is a spatial role game in which we will explore the confines of the universe , although there is still a year so we can enjoy it. To open mouth, the North American company hXbox Series published a series of videos on which three of the locations we will visit during our journey.

New Atlantis, Neon and Akila

New Atlanis is the capital of the United Colonies, the most powerful faction of the video game, both in terms of its political influence and its military potential. This place is inhabited by citizens of different races and creeds , so it gives the impression that it is a kind of capital of the galaxy, the meeting point between people of Vario’s provenance.

Neon lights are common in science fiction products and distopies. They identify with enjoyment, pleXbox Seriesure and low funds . That is why there is a place called Neon in Starfield, it gives us a track of what that area is going to offer us. It is a huge water platform in which the characters meet to take a very special drug. It is extracted from a particular fish that is legal throughout the galaxy.

Finally, but not leXbox Seriest, Akila is Home of the Freestar collective , a confederation of three different stellar systems. The city is protected by walls, which try to contain the dangers of some dangerous animals.

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Starfield is a Bethesda production, already under the umbrella of Xbox Game Studios. Unlike other company projects, this video game will not be multiplatform, so it will not come out in PlayStation 5. It is scheduled for November 11, 2022 and will come out on Xbox Series X, Xbox SERIES S, XBOX GAME PXbox Seriess and PC.

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