Xbox Microsoft brings Cloud Gaming to Xbox Series X S and Xbox One

It was actually just a question time and is now official. Microsoft also brings Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Xbox Series X / S and the Xbox One consoles. This was announced during the Xbox Showcase on the occasion of Gamescom 2021. The starting signal should take place during the Holiday Season, ie at the end of the year.

So far, the service, which allows you to stream games without installation directly from the cloud, only available for mobile devices. So now also console players will benefit from the ability to jump directly into one of the plays over 100 by cloud gaming, without downloading it before.

Series X / S games on Xbox One possible

In addition to the fast availability, there is also another advantage: so all with Xbox One can also access games that are otherwise only running on an Xbox Series X / S, about the Microsoft Flight Simulator or the Medium. The disadvantages of the technical weaker platform are by streaming about the cloud so bypass.

You want more information about Cloud Gaming? How Cloud Gaming works on Android devices shows you colleague Ann-Kathrin in your video for service.

Important note: Cloud Gaming is only available for all with Game Pass Ultimate subscription. In addition, it requires a correspondingly fast internet connection for the smooth and delay-free stream. However, Microsoft has not yet done.

What do you say about the announcement?

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