Destiny 2 The hex king release date and other news on extension

As part of a showcase event, after the shift, Bungie finally has a new release date for Destiny 2: The witch king announces: Accordingly, the extension for the MMO shooter on February 22 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia. Pre-orders are now possible and will be rewarded with a special exotic spirit shell, a legendary badge and other bonus objects.


  • _ Weapons and Crafting : Through the new weapon crafting feature, players can forgave for the first time in the history of Destiny weapons with unique Mod combinations, shaders and advanced stats. Furthermore, keepers will use a new weapon type: the Glefe, the first first-person melee weapon in Destiny. It can run mighty melee attacks, shoot over medium distance and protect your carrier. _

  • _ The throne world : In Savath√Ľn’s huge, deceptive throne world, the distribution of power can quickly get out of balance. Guardian exploring this brand new destination and ventilate the secrets that inherit both darkness and light. _
  • _ The radiant brood: The guardians take new enemies in the sights, which use familiar and equally fishing skills for an ominational purpose. They were strengthened by the light – the same light that gives keepers to their forces. _
  • _ New activities: The witch king brings new challenges, such. B. a new 6-player activity with players search, a new RAID in the heart of a sunken pyramid ship and more. _

On the 24th of August, the season of the lost, in which Bungie the players want to prepare narrative about the upcoming events in the witch king. In the extension, the guardians with Savath√Ľn’s throne world will explore a new scene and finally learn the truth about the witchen king. In addition to new enemies, you will also get acquainted with the weapon crafting feature for the first time, with which you can forget your own weapons for the fight.

Destiny 2: Season of the Lost Revealed! - Mara Sov Returns!

In addition to a CG REVEAL trailer (see here), Bungie has demonstrated the following game scenes from the expansion as part of its Showcase event:

Last updated video: Gameplay Trailer

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