Under the name Stray Blade is a new action role-playing game for the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X / S and the PC in development. The publisher 505 games and the responsible developer studio Point Blank set the next year as a publication period. In addition to a first trailer and some screenshots, those responsible have also revealed some details.

Reborn in a forgotten country

In Stray Blade challenging struggles should put the player’s ability to test. You can also explore the ancient ruins of enigmatic civilization. In the lost Valley Acrea, which only finds in legends mention, a big power should dune. However, you discover this forgotten country and dies. But a miracle awakens a life again after some time and binds one to this country.

Together with the faithful companion Boji, you should recover the balance in this crowded and war-shattered country. You can also recruit your own freedom, explore forgushed cities and tremendous thronic halls of powerful God kingdom and penetrate deeper into the secrets. The world should always be changing. It says, among other things, Every victory leaves a trace in the world and so the change becomes the eternal companion on your journey. Even if you die, the time will not stop. Return to the sites of your victories and see what changes you have caused. But be on the hat! The challenges will also grow with your deeds.

So that you already get an impression of Stray Blade, you can watch the new trailer:

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