Use the PS5 SSD as a tool not a silver bullet warns one day that you will come back CEO

One of the greatest encouragement of the next generations of consoles is the SSD included in the Xbox Series X and PS5. Known to significantly reduce loading times compared to disk readers, many say that the wide accessibility of SSD will radically change the games, especially in open world games. But it seems that CBE Software CEO, Jan Kavan, has some warning words for other developers looking to develop thinking about SSDs.

Like any current of SSD owners on their PC can testify, simply applying SSDs to existing games is already a huge bonus. It seems that Kavan wants the developers to address SSDs with a similar state of mind. It seems that it is worried about other developers to put their hopes in the capabilities of technology because it says that abuse of resources can lead to achieving technological ceilings in a project.

Kavan said: _ The ultra-fast SSD changes the game again, Kavan said. But it should be noted that developers must see a tool and not a miracle solution. It is very easy to reach any type of technological ceiling by abusing resources. So, in itself, the SSD PS5 will be a huge advantage if The developers do not access it as an infinite resource. I can not wait for the games to cancel the loading of the screens, especially after death. _

It’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of all this, but I’m on the same boat as Kavan, reduce loading times is very convenient but certainly not something to build an entire game.

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