Scalper Ruin Release of New Xbox Series X

A new Limited Edition of Xbox Series X should come to the market in November. The Microsoft console was pre-orderable for a short time, but then Scalper has torpedoed the release.

To the upcoming release of Halo: Infinite, Microsoft has introduced a Limited Edition Xbox Series X, which is all about the popular shooter franchise: with a Send Space design and a suitable Pro Controller are you for the SCI FI adventures without question well prepared – or at least this would be so if the console would not be out of stock now in advance and scalper would offer them to the threeth prices online.

XBox Series X: Scalper Ruin Release

The Limited Edition Xbox Series X should be available shortly before the Release of Halo: Infinite on November 15 for Xbox fans . But as many expected many, the crowd on the console was so great that they can not currently be pre-ordered.

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Although the console is still presented on the Microsoft website, but you can only pre-order gamers via a portal – eBay. Because as already with the regular versions of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 , there are apparently numerous scalper copies of the console pre-ordered and thus secured for resale – although it has not yet appeared.

_Show you here the trailer to the Limited Edition Xbox Series X: _

Halo: Infinite – Limited Edition Console Immediately

On the Microsoft website, the Halo: Infinite -Xbox Series X is offered for the fair price of 549 euros. On eBay, the advertisements of the scalper are of course a bit different. Halo fans must take at least 740 euros (940 including shipping) in hand , most of the offers are only available from 1,000 euros. (Source: eBay)

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Unfortunately, it looks like Scalper will not disappear from the gaming industry in the near future. Releases of consoles and other hardware are thus probably also accompanied by scalper – and in particular Limited Editions are expected to be affected by the problem.

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