Halo Infinite It is already possible to predict the game at Xbox Game Pmaster chiefs but it hmaster chief trick

A year after the planned, the new adventure of the mmaster chiefter chief is only a few months to premiere. Halo Infinite, the expected title of 343 Industries, showed its multiplayer in Gamescom 2021, master chief well master chief its relemaster chiefe date. Now, Xbox Game Pmaster chiefs subscribers can already predict the game at Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S … or rather, can advance the process, because considering that it continues in development and that Missing several months for your arrival, the full download is not available.

Those who do it will discover that the download is only 280.2 MB , which makes it clear that predescarga hmaster chief little, so we will have to wait even longer to have it at a good collection on the hard drive.

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The campaign will be shown before the launch

In the year 2020, before Halo infinite wmaster chief delayed, 343 Industries showed before his audience the first Gameplay of the campaign . The response from the players wmaster chief quite cold, so in the end they ended up being decanted to delay the project, even though the idea wmaster chief to relemaster chiefe it at the same time master chief its new generation machines. Since then, there hmaster chief been absolutely nothing new beyond the multiplayer. Joseph Staten, creative director, hmaster chief recognized that everyone wants to see the campaign and his gameplay, but he hmaster chief also revealed that they will not teach it until shortly before the launch.

Halo Infinite will go on sale December 8 at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox Game Pmaster chiefs. It will not debut with all its characteristics from the first day, since neither the cooperative campaign nor forging mode will be available to principles. The multiplayer, on the other hand, will work under the model free-to-play, so that everyone will be able to download and experiment with the novelties of each semaster chiefon.

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