Is the Xbox Series X a passable PS5

Waiting for the PS5 has no ending now. Sony’s Next Gen console remains in short supply. No wonder that some players lose patience, overcrowd to competition and buy an Xbox Series X | S. Even these are solid consoles, no question! A replacement for the PS5 they are not – at least for me.

A Comment by Robert Kohlick

_ No more stock _ – Who is just looking for a PlayStation 5, the lettering will have already baked on the retina. Whether Amazon, Mediamarkt, Saturn, Otto and Co., the Next-Gen console is nowhere available.

My colleague Gregor has therefore decided to buy an Xbox Series X, to which one seems slightly easier – he is also a die-made PlayStation player! I can understand the reasoning for his purchase decision – but still I prefer to wait a ps5 for a few months. But why?

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Sorry Xbox, but Sony has the better exclusive games!

Even though Irise as hardware junkie irritates the higher graphic power of the Xbox Series X, in the end something a much bigger role plays for me: The exclusive games . God of War, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima – these are all games that have rushed me right from the stool within the last few years. And where did I play her? Of course on my PS4!

In the meantime, Sony deviates his platform exclusivity a bit, the focus will continue to be with the consoles. In short: If I want to have more of these rows of play, I can not pass the PlayStation 5.

The Xbox Series X | S looks something different. As an avid PC player, I can also play most Xbox games on my computer. And since Halo could never move in his spell anyway, this gap in my gaming vita is no problem for me.

Better downward compatibility of the Xbox Series: It could not be easy to me

Which says for the Microsoft consoles, is the significantly better downward compatibility. Not only Xbox One games can be started on the new generation, even games from the Xbox 360 and Xbox era are available. Sounds great on paper, but I’m not interested in the bean personally.

Neverwinter - Xbox Series S Gameplay

On a new console, I also want to play brand new games , and not a few well-hung ham, which have more than a decade on the hump. As a second or third console, I could imagine something like an Xbox Series S but still good – but that’s another topic.

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Hardly PS5 games: I can still wait for the console easily

The next important question: is it really that bad that there is the PS5 just nowhere to buy? Honestly? No, it is not. Anyone looking at the list of games that are now available exclusively for the PS5 will notice that the portfolio is quite thin. Horizon: Forbidden West comes only in early 2022, a new part of The Last of Us appeared only about one year ago and God of War Ragnarök makes it still waiting.

Granted, I would like to gamble the remake of Demon’s Souls in crisp look, and Returnal and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart also look very nice – but currently I lack a real system seller. As long as it does not exist, the console purchase is not worth it for me.

Better graphics and shorter loading times? I can do without it

Even the shortened loading times of the PS5 are a nice selling argument – only there is a small, 2.5 inch problem. I recently decided to give my PS4 Pro a small storage upgrade that has a similar effect. The built hard drive was replaced by an SSD – Long loading times are already the past .

Perfect for upgrading the PS4: SanDisk Ultra 3D (1 TB) at Amazon

If you miss your PS4 a speed thrust, we explain to you in the video: _

And since I currently on a 43 inch full-HD TV with 60 Hz in the living room Zock, the stronger graphics performance of the PS5 is also totally no matter.


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Robert Kohlick

PS5 nowhere available: That’s just half so wild!

If the PlayStation 5 is no longer measured for Christmas or maybe even from the summer of next year my living room with its mutual optics, I can easily pass that – as a Sony fan, which has been setting on the PlayStation for 17 years now.

The Series X, however, does not come into the house despite PS5 scarcity and positive initial impression. Sorry Microsoft, but my console heart remains only for Sony! But what about you? Did you eventually paint the nose painted and have a Xbox Series X | S instead? Or would you prefer to continue waiting for the PS5 finally to be easily available in the online store? Discuss with us in the comments on Facebook.

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