Almost a year after Xbox and PS5

Meanwhile, it is almost a year ago that Xbox and PS5 have been released. But even consoles and exclusive titles are in short supply. We look at my current situation.

What about the availability of consoles? Soon the time has come and the Next Gen consoles PS5 and Xbox celebrate their first anniversary. But for many users there is little to celebrate, because consoles are still in short supply: Either the consoles are sold out immediately or only available to usury prices for greedy scalders.

Many users really want to have a Next-Gen console, but currently it does not look like as if the situation will be really better in the coming months. Also now the PS5 ticker booms on Meinmmo, as many have not been supplied with a Next-Gen console.

Above all, the lack of components for PS5 and Xbox continues to slow down the production of consoles.

But what does the current situation look like? Is it worth the current number of games at all to buy such a console?

The number of exclusive titles for PS5 and Xbox are 2021 manageable

What about the PS5? On the PlayStation 5 are about

  • Ratched and Clank: Rift Apart
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Demon’s soul (remake)

appeared. You can actually play these games only on Sony’s Next-Gen platform, a version for the PS4 is not intended, as officially the power of the PS4 for the games is not sufficient.

What about the Xbox? Here the situation is clearly confusing than on the PlayStation. Because Microsoft publishes many games next to the Xbox Series X also for the Windows PC (via You do not necessarily need a console for many games, a fleeted gaming PC is often sufficient here.

What gamers think about the situation? On Reddit sees about a user (via

I still have not seen any games that justify the purchase of a new console. People play either games that are 10 years old, or pixel games [meant are indie games] running on a calculator.

Although people then say that thanks to downward compatibility, PS4 games on the PS5 can also be gambled, but some have mentioned here that they do not have to spend 500 euros. Because the games would work on the PS4 easily, even if you need to do without the fast SSD.

Nevertheless, behind some of these users is probably the fear of being able to miss something and not necessarily that there are no special games for the console. Finally, one would like to belong to the first people who have such a new console in the closet or on the TV.

PS5 and Xbox – you do not need to be afraid to miss something

What kind of fear? For this fear to miss something, many users who fear employ them, if they have no PS5 or Xbox, make important blockbusters or even technology. After all, you want to play the games first and not only when there is the games in the supermarket in the grave box at the cash register. One would like to discuss in society with other users about games and experiences.

Fear of Missing Out (fear of missing something) or the acronym Fomo stands for a form of fear to miss something important. These include in Games about achievments, events, other exclusive rewards or just games that one wants to play first.

Some users say: Also because the number of exclusive is currently so thin, there is enough users to say: You do not need to be afraid to miss something exciting if you have a PS4 or Xbox (via Reddit. com). Because with load gene you can gamble all current games without big problems.

Instead, many games are revised again for the Next-Gen consoles.

Little real next games, but 4K updates

Many manufacturers have been transferred to their old games on the current technique for the Next-Gen consoles Xbox and PS5. The games get 4K updates, get raytracing features and can be drawn with 120 fps.

There are users who explain that games like Control or Metro Exodus feel like the updates like Next-Gen games, even if they are actually released for the old generation.

Therefore users criticize the situation: But that does not like all players. So some users suspect that it could be a calculus of developers: I think some developers stick back or feature their games as dual gene to earn more money (via

Because many buy the games now for their PlayStation 4 and consider later the game once again for the PS5 to buy if they then have the new console. Here also the charge that companies consciously return PS4 games for expensive money as a new version for the PS5 to collect again.

However, not all developers do this way. Some games offer a free upgrade to the PS5 version. Games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Marvel’s Avengers or FIFA 21 have a free upgrade possibility of game version. Instead of the PS4 version you can then download the PS5 version. Sony was clear here that every developer should decide freely if he wanted to offer a PS5 upgrade for free.

The Xbox also offers the feature Smart Delivery. Smart Delivery means that if you buy any version of the game, always access the best version of this game, regardless of hardware.

2021 brings some blockbusters, but not only for PS5 or Xbox

Which games are still? Especially at the end of 2021, several big games come out again. For none of these games, however, there is an exclusivity for the PS5 or the Xbox.

Especially on four great games you can be happy 2021. But they do not come exclusively for the PlayStation 5, you can also play them on the PC or on your PlayStation 4:

  • FIFA 22 (1.10.)
  • Battlefield 2042 (22.10.)
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard (5.11.)

Neverwinter | Hunts Are Only The Beginning...? -  Reddit AMA

Which exclusive titles are still 2021? The list for exclusive titles for the PS5 falls overall manageable and large titles are no longer coming 2021. Sony has moved the very big exclusive titles to 2022. Here, however, Title like God of War was: Ragnarök and Final Fantasy XVI appear. Horizon Forbidden West will also appear for the PlayStation 4 on 18 February 2022.

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Microsoft had explained that Starfield will only be released for PC and Xbox, a PS version is not intended. Halo: Infinite will be published on December 8, 2021sWohl for PC as well as the Xbox consoles and is one of the masterwartest titles for the Xbox Series X.

An extensive list, which games you 2021 still expect all on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, you will find in our relas overview, which we regularly update. It is therefore worthwhile to save the list as bookmarks:

PlayStation Showcase should first imagine news about PS5

When is there new information about PS5? Sony had recently introduced his latest Playstation Showcase. Here it is primarily about the PlayStation 5, the predecessor generation Sony had not explicitly excluded in the announcement (via

The showcase officially takes place on 9 September 2021 at 22 o’clock. The event goes around 40 minutes and should introduce many games and information about the PlayStation.

Here it is all about future games to appear at Christmas or later. But it should not go to PlayStation VR.

To buy a PS5 has now become a hunt, where it is no longer just about gaming. No console from Sony was so desirable as the PlayStation 5. It forms a real community: some only want your console, others want to earn more money with the PS5.

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