Destiny 2 Update 3 3 0 1 comes today all the info and important times

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Indestiny 2 is today, on September 2, the first hotfix of the new Season 15. The update comes for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S as well as on the PC and Google Stadia and brings maintenance and server-down with it. So that you can plan well your excursion as guardians well, care for Meinmmo with all the information.

In Bungies Action-MMO is last week, on the 24th of August, the new Season 15. The start of the season of the forgotten ran well despite the new CrossSplay feature for Destiny ratios, but some mistakes annoy the guardians since then. Even new and old exotics had to be deactivated.

The hotfix is designed today, on 2 September, improvement. But you have to take a forced break and a short server-down. Meinmmo accompanies you through the update and provide you with all the important information at times and patch Notes during the day.

Maintenance on 02.09. – Schedule and server-down

These are the important times today:

  • From 18:00 of German times the maintenance begins
  • At 18:45, the Destiny server go down – you will be thrown out of all activities
  • From 19:00, the servers are to be online again – Hotfix is available
  • You have to load the new update (and copy) to log in to Destiny 2
  • 20:00, the maintenance work in the background should end scheduled

Today to think of this: As long as the maintenance work in the background can come to login problems and queues are possible. If you can not load the update immediately at 19:00, this is completely normal for bungie, then have some patience. In the maintenance period, third-party applications and the official companion app are only limited or not to achieve.

Which changes brings Update for the season of the forgotten?

Bungie announced today’s hotfix only on the night of September 2 (via Twitter) and has not given us any preview to the changes. So unfortunately we can only negotiate which fixes are waiting in the update.

But there is an official list of known problems (via, which is currently being worked on.

Especially the complaints about the challenged seasonal challenges and mistakes in the quest in the footsteps of the stars are currently ensuring frustration. Of course, the keepers hope for unlocking their exotic armor and also a first Nerf for the new linear fusion rifle Lorent’s drive is already announced.

Which changes then ultimately go live, we learn from the official patch notes.

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Where are the patch Notes for Hotfix in Destiny 2?

As always, Bungie releases all fixes, nerfs and changes in the form of patch notes. The listing is not yet available.

Traditionally, the patch notes appear shortly after the update itself – so we expect at 19:00 with their appearance. We bind you the complete change log then here.

How did your start in the new season – did you get haunted by mistakes or runs everything butter soft? Tell us in the comments, where bungie should take care of it.

If you are interested only for updates in Destiny 2, but also Bock to write about it, then mymo looks exactly you as a reinforcement: _ Meinmmo addiction author (m / w / d) in the home office for Destiny 2

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