Kitaria Fables Animal Role Play Adventure for PC and Consoles appeared

On 1 and September 2, 2021, Twin Hearts and Pque have published the agricultural action roleplay Kitaria Fables for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. Via PlayStation Store (only with PlayStation Plus), Gog and Steam, where the previous user reviews mostly positive fail, unlike Microsoft Store and eShop, a launch discount of 20 percent is granted to the regular sales price of 19.99 euros. In addition, both solo and cooperatively playable anime adventure is also offered as a Deluxe Edition as well as physical boxing version (only PS4, PS5 and Switch). On Valves download portal, a free demo is also available.

Game description of the manufacturer: _ Equipped with sword, bow or magic and always with the loyal companion Macaron on the side, the players pull out to explore the huge world and overcome dungeons. They are by no means always on themselves: in the local Couch coop can compete adventurers together in real-time fights against wild creatures and dangerous enemies!

In addition to the exciting struggles, Kitaria Fables also offers numerous co-missions to help friends and collect resources. The Schmied Shamrock uses all sorts of upgrades – and helps to develop a very own look. Even off the action as a hero there is a lot to do: on the Thunderbunn Farm plants the players different types of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Due to hard work on the field, the farm is equipped with better tools and new products. Seeds can be unlocked at Kiki’s stand and Ms. Apple may conjure a delicious dish from the players brought ingredients. _

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As features are mentioned:

  • Charmant and exciting action adventure with RPG and Farming elements
  • _ Vapors in real time using melee weapons, bows and magic to pass on the journey against wild beasts and bandits_
  • Farming on the Thunderbunn Farm
  • _ Collection of resources to produce weapons, provisions and more
  • Personalized design of characters with the help of skins, equipment and accessories
  • _ Voltage side quests and construction of relationships_
  • Couch coeop mode for adventure for two

Last updated video: Launch trailer

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