Spacelines from the Far Out Die Weltraum

The First Class were a British popular song studio-based team, assembled by songwriter as well as record manufacturer John Carter. They are best understood for their hit song Beach Child, a leading 20 hit in both the US and also UK.

On November 4, 2021, Coffeenauts and Skystone Games want to publish the cooperative space action spacelines from the FAR OUT for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Via Steam and Epic Games Store you can already set the title to the wish list, in the Microsoft Store even a free beta demo is available for download. About the official website, three pre-order packages (Standard Class, Business Class and First Class) are offered. Game description of the manufacturer: _ Spacelines from the FAR OUT is a funny sci-fi party, Coop, Rogue-Lite, Tycoon, Space Sim and Action RPG game, the golden era of air travel connects the space utopias of the 60s.

The features include all sorts of benefits that can be imagined by the ‘glory’ of the planet Earth in the middle of the century. These include: incredibly bad food, dance tournaments, random encounters of the 5th way, repair of broken equipment, handling of gravity loss, pilot training for beginners, puddles (yes, we said it …), floating puddles (again … again … ), Damage to the spaceship, dangers in space, asteroids in abundance, fuel deficiency, various chargeable entertainment offers, price increases and the Inspector. _

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Last updated video: Preorder trailer

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