Starfield Xbox boss buries last hope of PS5

The epic SCI-FI-RPG Starfield is expected to be eagerly awaited by Gamern. An Xbox boss has now answered a burning question about the release of the game – while destroying the hopes of PlayStation fans.

After Microsoft completed the acquisition of Publisher Bethesda at the beginning of this year, many gamers asked the question on which platforms would releasish future games. Especially the Sci-Fi-RPG Starfield stood quickly in focus. While Pete Hines, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications, recently wanted to completely exclude a multi-platform release, The Xbox General Manager Aaron Greenberg pushed the rumors now a bar . He confirmed: Starfield appears exclusively for the Xbox consoles and the PC.

Starfield appears and remains exclusive for Xbox and PC

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Gamers had raised the question on Twitter and set up theories of previous formulations to the release of Starfield. But Greenberg now had no doubt about the exclusivity of the upcoming Bethesda-RPG. He replied to a Tweet of users The Red Dragon and announced that would be the game on November 11, 2022 for the PC and the Xbox Series X | S release – Nothing could have changed or would change yet .

Starfield would also be included as a day-one release in the Xbox Game Pass. So it will also be as well as Halo: Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 for subscribers of the Services from the first day.

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XBox Series X | S: Bethesda game does not come to the PS5

PlayStation fans must therefore pay off probably or evil so that Starfield will not find his way on Sony’s consoles . Even a later port is obviously not planned. At least next year, some other exclusive games on the PlayStation should appear, including Horizon: Forbidden West and (hopefully also) God of War: Ragnarök.

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To what extent other games of Bethesda, such as the Fallout series, will release in the future, Greenberg has not yet opened in his tweet. While a temporary exclusivity would certainly be possible for some games, it can not be excluded that numerous other games will also appear only for the Xbox Series X | S as well as for the PC, but not for the PS5.

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