The Medium Short trailer for the launch the first 90 minutes and comparison video

This is a listing of horror video games. Horror computer game are computer games that narratively handle components of scary fiction. They make up a range of video clip game styles (e.g. platformer, shooter, adventure).

After The Medium was previously available for the Xbox Series X / S and the PC, you can now play the horror adventure on the PS5. For this purpose, a short video was published today on the Youtube channel of PlayStation, in which some positive reviews and the most important corner data are enumerated.

Thanks to the support of the DUALSENSE controller, you will receive an even more and more additional gaming experience on the Sony console. As a result, you will feel the reactions of the protagonist on certain events. A few example for this you can see in the recently published DualSense Overview.

Who is not sure if the latest work is something for him from the Bloech team, can take a look at the first 90 minutes of the PS5 version. The team of PlayStation UK has tested the game in detail yesterday

A changed lighting and slower loading times

In addition, a comprehensive comparison video was uploaded with yesterday’s day by comparing the individual consoles and the PC. The PS5 version has been completely dispensed with RayTracing while a few effects have been implemented on the Xbox Series X. The lighting and shading were changed somewhat. As on the Xbox you get a dynamic 4K resolution.

However, in certain sections, the PS5 remains at over 1260p, where the Xbox console has fallen to below 1080p. In addition, anisotropic filtering was easily improved. For this, more Ruckler occur on the PlayStation, especially in intermediate sequences. In the textures, however, no differences can be seen.

The charging times are actually twice as fast as on the PS5 on the Xbox Series X. However, the textures are loaded faster when starting the PS5.

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The Medium is available in both digital and physical form. Both versions cost you 49.99 euros.

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