Xbox Series X A 4K interface update arrives today for insiders

Neverwinter is a free-to-play greatly multiplayer online role-playing video game created by Cryptic Studios as well as launched by Perfect World Amusement for Microsoft Windows in 2013, Xbox One in 2015, and PlayStation 4 in 2016. Based on the fictional Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter from Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is a standalone video game as well as not part of the previous Neverwinter Nights series.

So many titles already exploit the power of the Xbox Series X and its display in 4K, the menu of the latter still seemed stuck in the visual turpitudues of the old generation, in 1080p.


Fortunately, all this will soon be old history, for little that you are part of the Xbox insiders program: A few days after being able to discover the joys of Cloud Gaming via an application Thought for Windows 10, self-proclaimed initiates can today. Hi Take advantage of the main menu of their console in 4K. If the new version of the OS is accompanied by some additional fixes, it is obviously on this visual improvement that is concentrated Microsoft:

With today’s update, ALPHA SKIP-AHEAD initiates playing on an Xbox Series X connected to a 4K screen can start using a user interface with increased resolution. This change means that The reception, the guide and other areas of the user interface will be displayed in a higher native resolution, for sharpness and readability of the increased text.

If the approach is certainly part of a comprehensive accessibility policy for several years by the American manufacturer, this resolution will undoubtedly give insiders the impression of entering a little more in the world after, then the promise Rotating games in 120 fps is realized a little more each day. It was time, right?

Only lands: If the update concerns the insiders of the Microsoft Loyalty Program, the Xbox Series seems for the moment left out, just as a hypothetical accounting with the HDR mode. Following the next number ?


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