LOL This quinn cosplay has a mechanical value and has even won an LCS contest

The cosplayer Kyasarin has been the winner of a Cosplay contest of the League Championship Series American ( LCS ) with its version of Quinn . The iconic League of Legends champion came alive with a disguise rich in details and different textures, which he completed with a weapon and even a robotic version of value , the winged companion of the champion.

The Cosplays contest of the LCS is carried out with annual periodicity and rewards the winner with $ 5,000, plus some more tickets to see the worlds with a friend. In addition to Kyasarin with Quinn’s cosplay of her, this year’s finalists were the cosplay of Dragon Master Swain, Black Star Jhin, Spiritual Blossom Yone and Iron Inquisitor Kayle.

Without more preamble, check out the photos of the winner cosplay and a video of value below:

The Judges of the Cosplay Contest praised especially the use of different materials as well as common fabrics, as well as stressed the creation of a specific wig for the cosplay, which has been carefully designed to look as realistic as possible. Not only the clothes itself is impressive, but also highlights the extra electronic, robotic and programming level necessary to make value that moves.

In addition to the mechanized version of value, the cosplayer had the bright idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking a picture with a chicken, after all, commonly the community of lol players refers to Quinn’s partner in that way.

Kyasarin is well known among the Cosplayers community, and she has made cosplay from other LOL characters, even arriving at the end of the LCS contest on other occasions. Between her creations of the Universe of Runeterra are Viktor and Karthus, but beyond the riot Games Moba, she has worked with Alisae, Final Fantasy XIV.

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