Valheim Update Hearth Home When is the launch and what it contains

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After six months, the success of Valheim survival is finally receiving its first content update. With Hearth & Home new features appear and many existing content are reviewed. Privacy Policy tells you everything you need to know.

What kind of update is that? After many updates and minor patches, Hearth & Home is the first great step in the developer’s content plan. Since the early access begins in Steam in February 2021, fans have been waiting for more.

Originally, Hearth & Home was supposed to launch much earlier, but Valheim’s success unexpectedly hit developers. They have expanded their study (previously 4 employees) and, above all, they wanted to polish the basic game enough. Apparently that has happened now.

When is the release of the update? Hearth & Home will be launched as a free update on September 16. To mark the ad, developers have published an anime Viking short but elegant.

Some of the new functions can already be seen in the animated clip.

Revoke the visualization of the GameStar content. Read more about our Privacy Policy. The Viking Anime for the new update.

Content of home and home: new features and changes

What’s in Hearth & Home? The update is mainly involved in innovations related to the game system and kitchenette. There are new components, as well as recipes for cooking, as well as a review of the benefits you get from food. There are also some changes in the combat system.

New Food and Recipes

What new recipes do you have? So far, only one of the 10 new recipes of Hearth & Home are known. We will add to this list as more recipes are published:

  • Eye Cream
  • Wolf meat in different variations.

We also know that food with Hearth & Home can be divided into three categories: Health (Red), Resistance (Yellow) and Balanced (White). This makes it easier to see what exactly provides a corresponding improvement. You can also find some systems guides here at Privacy Policy:

  • The best food in Valheim and how you are prepared
  • This is how Hydromel Ferments and you do powerful potions

What else will change in the diet? In Valheim you can eat three types of food at the same time to benefit from your benefits. However, once you have eaten something, it will be full and you will have to wait until you can eat again.

With Hearth & Home, the new Bukeperries arrive, which will take you to praise you again with the food. So empty your stomach and you can use new benefits, for example, when a fight is imminent. In addition, the remaining time of improvements is displayed instead of only a bar without labeling.

The boiler can now be updated using tools, as well as other work banks in the game. This increases the level of the cauldron that will probably need for new recipes.

Recommended editorial content

At this point, you will find external YouTube content that complements the article.

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New components and accessories options

What new components come from? Hearth & Home presents dark wood as a new material (Darkwood). With this you can build ceilings and traps. Other components are not yet known.

However, developers have announced that you will also get more decorative pieces. For example, you can stack gold coins that have collected and exhibit them in the Treasury Chambers. There should also be treasure chests. In addition, there are the new extensions for the cooking station. Specifically, come here:

  • A Speciero.
  • A kill table
  • pots and pans

What is changing in the garden? In addition to the new components, it will be possible to add new elements such as onions. Many players should be happy with this, because for some time the community has preferred to cultivate berries instead of fighting.

Revised combat system

What changes in the fight? Valheim works with attacks, blockages and parades. Until now, its strength has been largely determined by your ability and the values โ€‹โ€‹of the weapon. With Hearth & Home, however, resistance and lifestyles are also converted into an important factor.

  • Persistence still determines the frequency with which you can attack
  • The strength of your blockages (and presumably also stops) depends on your health points.

Since you influence the number of resistance points and health you have with the food, you should think carefully with Hearth & Home what you eat in what situation.

There is also a new orange bar next to your character. This shows when it stumbles (stepped). When blocking, the bar is full and when it is full, you adore briefly.

Revoke the visualization of the GameStar content. Read more about our Privacy Policy. The revised combat system.

What is changing with weapons? Along with the review of the combat system, all weapons are also being adapted. We have listed the most important to you here:

  • The shields of the towers have a stronger recoil effect, which makes them good when they fight against multiple enemies.
  • Fist shields can be used to stop enemy attacks.
  • Round shields are still a half term for versatile fighters.
  • Two-hand axes can be loaded faster and can make opponents try better. Also reaches more objective
  • The arches are drawn more slowly, but less resistance is needed to keep the rope tense. This will facilitate aiming

More about Valheim in Privacy Policy:

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Whats Next? New biomes and bosses

After Hearth & Home there will be more updates, that developers have already published on a roadmap shortly after the launch. Consequently, Hearth & Home will follow the update Cult of the Wolf at some point, however, it is not known exactly when it will be.

The name suggests that the wolves as pets, the pet system in general or even the wolf men will probably play a role. In the next update of The boats and the sea, it is likely that the shipment is expanded even more.

The valheim roadmap.

The fourth update of the road map is the first new biome, the Nebellande. They are already in the game and suggest that the new biome will be really disgusting. The developers have also already confirmed that each new biome will receive at least one new boss. Three biomas not used are already at stake:

  • Neblinous land
  • Ashlands
  • Deep north

By the way, Valheim is ideal as a game for beginners for beginners in the survival genre: the 5 best survival games if you are new in survival games.

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