Saturn Next generation affordable entrance with Xbox Series S

The disk version of the new generation of consoles is notoriously exhausted, but you can buy the Xbox SERIES S from Microsoft now in Saturn, for 289.99 euros.

The Xbox series in Saturn for 289.99 euros

One of the most important factors when choosing a console are the exclusive titles. While the current generation of consoles can not offer a wide variety of corresponding games, there are some important launches before this year. Fans of racing games await the latest incorporation into the Forza series, which will be launched on November 9. And towards the end of the year, the bow mask of Microsoft game machines arrives: As of December 8, the dreams of all fans of science fiction shooting games will come true with infinite halo.

  • Reserve Forza Horizon 5 at Saturn for € 69.99
  • SATURN Infinite Halo Reserve for € 69.99
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X) for € 56.99 at Saturn

That’s why you should opt for Xbox SERIES S.

Availability : first, the obvious reason: the X series is exhausted, the series s does not. If you are urgently looking for a new Xbox, you have few options. Alternatively, of course, you can also follow the Twitter bots and wait for luck. Experts suspect that the situation will not relax more until 2023.

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Cheap price : While the great flagship vessels of the new generation cost each one at least 500 euros (here is not taken into account the absurd reseller prices), you just have to pay about 290 euros for the Xbox Series S . It is not so much for a new console. Of course, you also have to trim the savings of 210 euros compared to the X series. The S series does not have a disk drive, so you should use digital games and / or game pass. The resolution is only oriented to 1440p instead of 4K.

Goodbye to load times thanks to SSD : It is true that it does not have to completely give up the load times with an SSD, but the difference with Xbox One is immense. What I used to take minutes now is over in a matter of seconds. In general, it works faster than your predecessors thanks to a more powerful processor and if you want to play the latest Xbox games in the future, you need a series console. Because sooner or later, new games can be played on the One.

The Xbox series in Saturn for 289.99 euros

Xbox SERIES S: Ideal for Game Pass

All Microsoft Studios titles are included in Game Pass, including Halo Infinite!

The missing unit of the S series is a lower inconvenience than you think. Because thanks to Game Pass by Microsoft you have an immense richness of the best games you can play for little money. With the subscription of Game Pass, you have access to more than 100 Microsoft and EA games and benefit from additional and changing bonuses (such as cosmetic items for Apex Legends). With the Ultimate version of the Game Pass you get the subscription for the console, the PC and Xbox LIVE GOLD in a single package for 12.99 euros per month.

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* Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1 month for € 12.99
* Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3 months by € 38.99

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