GTA for PS5 Xbox Series X RockStar moves the Next gene

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a series of action-adventure games produced by David Jones and also Mike Dailly. Later on titles were established under the oversight of siblings Dan and also Sam Houser, Leslie Benzies and also Aaron Garbut. It is mainly developed by British development residence Rockstar North (formerly DMA Layout), and published by its moms and dad business, Rockstar Games. The name of the series references the term grand theft auto , made use of in the United States for electric motor lorry burglary.
Gameplay concentrates on an open globe where the player can complete goals to progress an overall tale, as well as take part in different side tasks. The majority of the gameplay focuses on driving as well as firing, with occasional role-playing and also stealth components. The series likewise has aspects of the earlier beat ’em up video games from the 16-bit era. The games in the Grand Theft Auto series are embeded in fictional locations modelled after real-life cities, at various factors in time from the early 1960s to the 2010s. The initial video game’s map encompassed three cities– Liberty City (based on New york city City), San Andreas (based on San Francisco), and Vice City (based upon Miami)– yet later titles have a tendency to concentrate on a single setting; typically one of the initial three locations, albeit remodelled and also dramatically broadened. The series fixate different lead characters who attempt to increase with the ranks of the criminal abyss, although their intentions for doing so vary in each title. The antagonists are frequently personalities who have betrayed the protagonist or their organisation, or characters that have the most influence restraining the lead character’s progression. Numerous movie and also music professionals have actually voiced personalities in the video games, including Ray Liotta, Dennis Receptacle, Samuel L. Jackson, William Fichtner, James Woods, Debbie Harry, Axl Rose as well as Peter Fonda.DMA Design started the series in 1997, with the release of the Grand Theft Auto. As of 2020, the series includes 7 standalone titles and 4 expansion packs. The third primary title, Grand Theft Auto III, launched in 2001, is considered a spots game, as it brought the series to a three-dimensional (3D) setting and also more immersive experience. Subsequent titles have actually adhered to and developed upon the concept established in Grand Theft Auto III, and obtained considerable praise. They have actually affected various other open-world activity video games, and resulted in the tag Grand Theft Auto duplicate on comparable titles.
The series has actually been seriously acclaimed, with all the main 3D entrances in the franchise business regularly rated amongst the best and finest selling video games; it has shipped even more than 350 million devices, making it the fifth-best marketing video clip game franchise business. In 2006, Grand Theft Auto was included in a list of British design icons in the Wonderful British Design Mission arranged by the BBC as well as the Style Gallery. In 2013, The Telegraph placed Grand Theft Auto amongst Britain’s most effective exports. The series has actually likewise been debatable for its adult nature and fierce styles.

Actually, the Next-Gen version of GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S should appear at the end of the year. Now Rockstar has moved the release again. The opaque console version now appears only in March 2022 – for that, there is always a new gameplay trailer to see.

Update on September 10, 2021:

In two months it should be already time ago: GTA 5 should find his way to the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S on November 11, 2021. In the context of yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase, however, Rockstar has moved the release back to the back.

GTA 5 appears on the next-gene consoles only in March 2022 , a precise day was not called during the presentation. After all, there was a new gameplay material of the improved version in the form of a trailer to see:

GTA Online: Long wait, but bonuses

On the official website Rockstar announced the following:

The advanced and improved versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S appear on November 11, 2021 with new features and much more . As an additional bonus, the summer update for GTA Online contains special advantages, all of which can benefit from expanded and improved versions when publishing. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 3, which has shaped a whole genre, we still have a few more great surprises – some of them are exclusive to GTA players.

While the new standalone version of GTA online players will be available on both platforms, it is for all Playstation-5 players in the first three months free .

Rockstar Games would also like to recall PS-Plus subscribers to pick up 1,000,000 GTA $ in the PlayStation Store until the release of GTA online for the PlayStation 5 at each month of the month . After all, these are still 6,000,000 GTA $, which you have freely available.

In the coming weeks and months Rockstar probably announces more surprises. We will keep you up to date.

Original contribution from 15 February 2021:

For PS5 and Xbox Series X: Next Gen GTA will be released this year

GTA fans watched! In a call with the investors, Games forge Rockstar has officially finished Next Gen GTA – and there is good news! The game should still appear in the course of the year for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. Whether the new port is again a true checkout?

GTA 5: Next-Gen version comes in the second half of the year

GTA 5 is now more than 7 years a true permanent burner for rock star. On Steam, the Open World Game is still giant popularity. And the improved console version for the PS4 was able to secure third place among the bestsellers in the PS Store last year.

Now there is also first information about the release date of the Next-Gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, the Rockstar announced in an official conference call with its investors. Accordingly, GTA 5 should appear for the Next-Gen consoles in the second half of 2021 . However, one did not call an exact release date.

However, a date is close, so it marks the eighth birthday of the game: September 17, 2021. Whether the game really appears on this day is still in the stars.

Next-Gen version for GTA 5: Rockstar wants to reveal further details soon

During the conference, Rockstar also announced that in the near future wants to reveal more details on the polished version of the elderly game . The corresponding information would like to present the players in the coming months. What could be? Get PS5 and Xbox-Series players, for example, not only better graphics and faster loading times but also new features, missions or stories donated?

And what about GTA 6? Rockstar is currently very covered in this topic. The fact that the game forges already works on a continuation is an open secret, information about the game is still in short supply.

Whether the new version of GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S reverses itself as a cash bucket, remains to be seen – after all, the game has meanwhile more than 7 years on the hump. The fact that currently quite a few exclusive Next-Gen games are on the market, Rockstar should play in the cards.

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