Latest work It s a three kingdoms of Kun All together Character information and screenshots are released

Arc System Works is a complete new work Kuni no Miku’s three kingdoms commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Omon Series. Updated the teaser site and released screenshots and character information.

This work was released in NES in 1991, It is a drama of all the time of everyone. A work that has a flow of After the Sengoku period of the Gunyu Million period, I will be a main character of Han Dynasty, and I will live with Hachameka Painful comedy action that survives the ruler as the main character.

Series familiar belt scroll action !

The basic screen of the game is the series familiar belt scroll action . A finely connected area forms a vast stage. It is also possible to shop not only the battlefield but also a city or village. You can enjoy each area to every corner and enjoy various terrain sightseeing.

Aim for one shot reversal with a flashy planing !

Speaking of the three kingdoms, one shot reversal by the flashy planing . By using planing by this work, it is possible to have a powerful effect on all enemies in the screen. Also, by using it in a specific place, it is also possible to discover secret room and hidden passage …?

Appeared Character Introduction!


War of the Three Kingdoms Episode 58

[Kuni] The main character of a newsletter that is known without saying. He hated bad guy and weakness in justice ‘heat hypothesis). He can not be abandoned by people thick and troubled. It is weak to a cute girl … Bancho of sports universal heating high school.

[Kungu] A warlord of the Bibi army who is worshiped and worshiped. He takes the oath of his brother-in-law and brings the behavior from the beginning. He is tight and not forgotten. He boasts overwhelming armed power, and the literary literature. He has a good beard and was called Beautiful Public .

劉 備 ()

[Atsushi] My sister’s mind-friendly young man. He hated and hated and helps people who are in trouble, so the surrounding people are also thick. It is strong against the personality and is strong, and heads using his own Ishiro falls into fear. Joangku High School third grader.

[劉 備] A young hero who establishes . He will be his brother-in-law with Kungi Zhang Fei and Taoyuan Oath . He wishes the restoration of Han Dynasty and wanders each place. The popularity of the Warring States Period of the Warranty Era, which is a policy of advantages and trust from the people with a policy that gives priority to the people.

Zhang Fei (five generations)

[Girl] I usually do not usually, but if it is crawled, I can not handle it. He likes sort and wooden sword and involves the surroundings is afraid of an enemy. He usually is a single wolf, but he won the Atsushi and share action.

[Zhang Fei] A former butcher who has been a warlord and became a warlord. He stands out without listening to people ‘s story. He often likes sake and becomes a nasty thing. There is an eye-catching thing in his armed force, and a friendly spectacular warlord.

宝 (Sizawa)

[Sawde] Good luck but it is weak. He scored Nishimura he is self-proclaimed Hakuto High School Number 2 . He repeatedly defeated with the riddy scene and beats it again and again. He also trusted Nishimura to be used for too much pasiri.

【宝】 A warlord who commanded a yellowish turbulence with a brother of the tension angle. He was able to use milde and suffered a defeat in the art. After the tension horn was died, he told the yellowing of yellowing and fought to the end.

Zhang Hall (Nishimura)

[Nishimura] It is a shot and weakly shot and weaker that it is good at the appearance of the power system that utilizes the glasses and the fat body shape in Seven three minutes. He is strong against the weak, and the strong man is soma. He has a strange word, and there is a habit of the Hakuto High School who is not hated somewhere.

[Zhang Horn] A gurous that launched religion to help the championship of the Han Han. Using the great believers, the Han Dynasty’s beats will cause yellowish disturbances in various places. A hidden spirit that has a talent as a commander.

Tenya (Taoyuan)

[Taoyuan] A cheerful girl who is a cheering girl of the hotfish high school. She has a lot of fans with cute gestures, her favorite single muscle. She is a bit of an idol of the school.

【Tenryu】 Taoyuan’s peach old wooden spirit behind the Meat shop of Zhang Fei. She is self-proclaimed: heavenly woman. She is supporting the Li (Oyu ‘s 劉 劉 劉 劉 劉 劉 備 備. (Operation original setting)

Drawing in the beginning of the Runtei Yellow Round and the famous Fight of the Red Wall , etc. It’s a three kingdoms of Kuni-kun! Is scheduled to be released for PC / PS4 / Nintendose switch.

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