Xbox fan finds cool controller

The Xbox Wireless Controller is the primary video game controller for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S house video game consoles, also advertised for its use in Windows-based Computers, as well as compatible with other operating systems such as macOS, Linux, iphone and Android. The controller maintains the general design found in the Xbox 360 controller, yet with various tweaks to its layout, such as a modified form, upgraded analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and causes, together with new roll motors within the triggers to enable directional haptic responses.
It has actually had 3 revisions with a number of changes to the controller’s layout and also performance. Microsoft likewise markets the Elite Wireless Controller, a costs version tailored in the direction of expert gamers, consisting of compatible parts and also programmability functions. In turn, each of the previously mentioned variations has been provided in numerous color schemes, some including special layouts connecting into specific video games. The Xbox Series X as well as Series S presented an upgraded version of the controller, with further refinements to its shape and also functional designs.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller appeared in 2019, but recently a fan discovered a hidden feature that ensures neat color.

Nice colorful, but unfortunately only about Steam

Using the improved version of the Xbox Design Labs you can customize your Xbox controller with numerous colors. But you can have without additional hardware modifications – at least in the light of the home button.

It has been found that the lights in the controller are not just white LEDs, but RGB LEDs. That is, You can turn the boring white of your home buttons into your favorite color – but only about Steam. Since the colors can not be changed directly on the controller, this function is unfortunately not available for the console.

In a video introduces reddit user Kevlink, as the whole thing looks:

It What RGB All Along FROM XBoxone

Even with Elite Series 1 and the normal Xbox controller you can not use the function . In addition, the color is set back to default white as soon as the controller is turned off.

Fans wonder why Microsoft never applied the function. At RedDit speculates that Microsoft wanted to change the color of the Xbox key, but the idea has discarded due to the new Series X controller. Maybe you can look forward to more features in the future.

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How do you make the color?

The color of the Home Button in Steam is easy. You have to make your only a few steps on the desktop :

Steam menu> Settings> Controller
Selects General Controller Settings .
Selects your connected Xbox Elite Controller in the lower list.
Click on Preferences .

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