Black Desert Next Gen Support in Development Outlook on the Q4

Black Desert (from 69.98 € for pre-order) will receive next-generation support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, this confirmed the developers in the context of the presentation of the content for the fourth quarter 2021. Since the But developers have just begun with the implementation, the implementation will take some time. The upgrade from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S is to be offered for free.


Pearl Abyss: The new season plus (season +) is started in Black Desert online. The console version receives the new season on October 13 Season + is a reinforced season server, which get some improvements after the player feedback of the past season Hat. Season server in Black Desert offer faster levels and develop the characters than on the regular servers. On the season + server, adventurous tasks can fulfill the Season Pass and the Black Spirit Pass, which will be rewarded with exchanges for weapons. Also, the likelihood of improving Tuvala equipment is increased, and more rare on the players wait if you complete main quests.

From September 29, the new growth pass, with which player can improve their equipment easier. There will also be new ways to bring certain equipment to the highest level after players have completed the season + server. This helps you Ride through Ingame Challenges and Content.

At the start of the season + new PC players can get a free Black Desert Online Novice Edition if you bring your character to level 50 in the free probationary period. To simplify this, the probationary period will be extended to 14 days and runs from September 15th to 6th of October. In addition, players can reach Level 56 and complete the awakening and / or succession quest, participate in a raffle where you can win one of 200 legendary bundles. Each bundle has a value from 250 euros to Ingame content. More information about this is available on the website.

Content from the Q4 Roadmap:

World Boss Vell, who houses under the ocean
The second part of Atoraxion – Sycarakia
Reinforced versions of the well-known world bosses

The mystical horse doom
A new estate for the Housing
The latest extension, O’DyLLITA

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