Bud Spencer Terence Hill

Football Manager 2020 (officially abbreviated as FM20) is a 2019 football-management simulation computer game developed by Sports Interactive and released by Sega as a follower to Football Supervisor 2019. It was released worldwide on 18 November 2019.

BUD Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps and Beans 2 is currently financed on Kickstarter – first for PC and Mac via Steam. Console versions (PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X / S) should follow as an additional goal. The beating game arises again at Trinity Team in cooperation with Buddy Productions GmbH. You can get a digital PC version for 15 euros.

The beating game is to offer more demanding opponents, new locations and more original soundtracks from the films. In addition, the developers want to improve the combat system and the pixel graphics. In addition to a solo / coop story mode, there will also be a party game mode for up to four players.

The financing goal is 220,000 euros. Original film music and localization in twelve languages ​​are planned, including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Voice output will give it in English, German and Italian. In the German version, Tilo Schmitz will be heard as Bud (German voice of Ron Perlman and Michael Clarke Duncan) and Dennis Schmitt Voss as Terence (German voice of Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans). Both synchronizer speakers will try to replace the longtime speakers of Bud Spencer (Wolfgang Hess, died) and Terence Hill (Thomas Danneberg, restricted as health) as adequately.

Dialog example:

Trinity Team: In Slaps and Beans 2, Face Slaps are not the only available weapon! In addition to the characteristic skills of our two friends, it is now possible to use objects from the level environment for opponents to help themselves. With a little imagination, every object can be added Become a weapon! (…) In Slaps and Beans 2, we would like to further improve this aspect of gameplay, all mini-games will be playable from 1 to 4 players. The mini-games will also be directly selectable. As soon as a mini-game in the course of the story Mode has been activated, it will be available in a special party game area.

Last updated video: Kickstarter Trailer

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