Games for September 2021

September will continue to float indixtile. There is such a peaceful study as a psychedelic art and more traditional adventure.

Pois from a comfort zone on consolefin article series focusing on games behind the AAA titles.

September 2021

LAKE (1.9.)

There is a year 1986. The summer lake landscape opens up from the small town s main street when Meredith Weiss starts a couple of weeks a postal player in his old home village. It s time to get to know people and their everyday life.

Sata wool: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series s | X

The Artful Escape (9.9)

Psychedelic rock, ferocious twists and imaginative prospects. It offers the latest release of Annapurna, the artful Escape , which is part of the Xbox Game Passport content.

Sata wool: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series s | X

TOEM (17.9)

Photo adventure toem lets play a player to circulate Swedish idyllic scenery with its goals to climb a high mountain. On the way to animals, funny residents and the mystical creatures are always in the spaceships of the maths. All this is documented through the camera lens. I read themin estimates here.

Satava: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5

Who: Bridge of Spirits (21 September)

Ken, a young spirit guide, helps to go to the migration to the other. The beautiful world is bottled with sympathetic assistants, but also born dangers. The operating adventure as described from behind is PlayStation s consolidation.

Satava: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5


SABLE (23.9.)

A long-awaited Sablen desert world contains many secrets and memories of the past. The open world work focusing on investigating and solving the pursuit does not contain a fight at all.

Sata wool: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series s | X

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