Special feature Did you prepare to ride with Rocks Valheim has been a leading experience of large Apde Hearth Home

Building product is material made use of for building and construction. Several naturally happening substances, such as clay, rocks, sand as well as timber, also twigs and leaves, have actually been made use of to construct buildings. Aside from naturally happening materials, numerous man-made products are in use, some even more as well as some much less synthetic. The production of building materials is a well-known sector in many nations as well as using these materials is usually fractional into details specialized trades, such as carpentry, insulation, plumbing, and roof covering job. They provide the makeup of habitats and also frameworks including houses.

The large update Hearth & Home of open world survival VALHEIM for PC is delivered.

Hearth & Home is not only renewed that game systems such as battle and cooking has been renewed, but many new elements such as new weapons, buildings and vehicles have been added, and more deep game experience can be enjoyed. rice field.

GAME SPARK gave the opportunity to play prior to the day before Hearth & Home was delivered, so I will pick up and introduce the new factors focused on!

Alle also added Kore! Building element with a wide range

Good news for buildings. This update has added many building materials. New roofs, walls, pillars, objects, iron gratings, doors, etc. … Using these, it was born to build new buildings.

This robust door is likely to be used for architecture of the castle.

I think this fashionable pillar is perfect for Longhouse building materials. To make a new building material, you need to go to a tar pond in a flat ground.

This crystal wall (it is hard to see for transparent building materials), but it can not be stacked above, but it can be combined with other building materials, so it may be placed like a window glass.

And not only new building materials. New parts have been added to existing building materials such as wood wall 1 × 1 and log beams 26 degrees and 46 degrees. Even if this is, the width of the architecture seems to spread. In particular, if there is a tree wall 1 × 1, it will be great to make a monument.

It is a new element that can be reached in itching.

Let s mix it with a bath bowl! Many furniture add!

Many furniture are also added, but it was particularly surprised. I also had a public bath in the bath water and a public bath, but I thought I wanted a solid bath!

If this is there, I invite my friend and soak in a bathtub together …!

And but not furniture, you must also forget crusher. This is a facility that the tall processes the notes. The processed one is charcoal.

There is no doubt that the effect when using is good and it will be used many times. One grinding machine to the house!

Rocks got on!

This is a surprising surprise. You can now ride Rocks by using Rock s Skills to the Time Rocks! Moreover, you can attack per body with the state!

In addition, you are named to lock. Let s give a name like love.

It may be perfect for your continued journey …?

Renewal of cooking system! Closely relationship with the battle

The cooking system has been renewed and has become closely related to the combat system than ever before.

Since the amount of physical strength and stamina increases depending on the type of cooking, you must choose the dishes eating by the battle style. For example, if you want to get a continuous attack with an enemy, you should eat dishes that will increase stamina, and people who want to attract enemies to protect their friends, you should eat food to increase their physical strength.

In addition, a good gauge has been added, and the more you have, the more you have to do it. In other words, if you eat stamina cooking, it is also easy to see it, so you need to be careful about the player who wants to increase mainly stamina.

Cooking instruments such as stone ovens are also added. When baking bread from now on, you need to make a bread dough in a large pot and enter an oven.

In addition, iron cooking facilities are also added. Now make Baked Rock Meat and the weight is lighter than regular cooking equipment.

Share the place you found with everyone? Map production table

A map production table has been added. It seems that this can share the location where you have discovered by other players. However, in this preceding experience, it was a solo player, so it could not be confirmed specifically what kind of functionality.

However, if this is, the search with other players will be more fun. The fun of cooperating with the player may be born in the future.

Tart pond on the flat ground? Biomse also updated!

There is also a change in the biometric. For example, a tar pond appeared in a flat ground. Here is an aggressive black slime inhabit.

The risk of flatness increased, but this tar pond is a place where there is a material of the building material added in Hearth & Home , so it is a place where you want to find positively.

What I introduced this time is part of the new element of Hearth & Home . The map specifications have changed, new weapons and equipment are added, and there are many things that should be noted yet, so Valheim players will immediately apply updates and play!

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