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Bright Let Loose for consoles offers players on the PC after his time on the PC a classic shooter experience from World War II. One of the most important functions for the console version of the game is the brightly loot crosplay and the functioning between PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

The 50-to-50 multiplayer shooter has a strong player base on the PC that loves the game, and console players have a similar love for what Black Matter has created. With two different game modes and ten cards, Bright Let Loose offers a lot for players on which they can stay on, no matter which platform they are.

However, when it comes to brightly loot crosplay, things are pretty tricky. The function is currently not available on all platforms. So if you want to play with friends on a particular platform, you may have no luck. For more information about the CrossSplay from Hell Let Loose, read on and we will do our best to explain and explain the differences between the platforms, with whom you will be able to go to the battlefield.

Has Bright Let Loose CrossSplay?

Relaxing hell will have cross-play between PS5 and Xbox Series X | S-consoles . However, those on the PC can not play with their friends when they are on consoles.

In a statement on Twitter, the developer said that he will disconnect the PC community from the console community. It is not clear why developers decided black matter to do so. However, this is probably due to the advantages, the keyboard and mouse players to those who play with consoles

The cross-platform games will come to Bright Let Loose on consoles, between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

However, we will keep PC and console disconnected.

  • Hellletloose (@Hell Let loose) 18 . August 2021

Does hell loose a cross-exploration?

Bright Let Loose has no cross-progression. The team has announced that the PC and console ecosystem will remain completely separate so that you can not transfer your progress between the platforms on which you play.

Bright Let Loose is expected to be released on 5 October 2021 for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. If there are rumors, we may even see it on the list of free PS plus games of October 2021.

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