Microsoft shows the loading times of the Xbox Series S

Xbox Game Studios (previously called Microsoft Studios, Microsoft Video Game Studios, as well as Microsoft Games) is an American computer game author as well as department of Microsoft based in Redmond, Washington. It was developed in March 2000, drew out from an inner Games Group, for the advancement as well as publishing of computer game for Microsoft Windows. It has given that increased to consist of video games and other interactive enjoyment for the name Xbox platforms, Windows Mobile as well as other mobile systems, and web-based sites. As the studio grew, it has obtained and also given up possession of a number of various other studios, and is the parent organization of twenty-three various other workshops.

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The Xbox Series is not as powerful as the Xbox Series X, but its SSD is just as capable of extremely fast loading time. Microsoft has recently released a video comparing the loading times of the Xbox Series s to the Xbox One S and it is clear to see the improvements that have been made. The video presented The Outer Worlds, a first plan Xbox Game Pass which recently received a Costaud Pack DLC. The Xbox Series X and Series will come out on November 10 at a price of $ 499 and $ 299 respectively, with live pre-orders on September 22nd.

In the newly published XBOX Series S / Xbox comparison video, a series S and a series S load the outside worlds side by side. The Xbox Series loads the game in just under 11 seconds while the One S takes about 53 seconds. This difference in loading is drastic, and it is likely that the Xbox Series S and the Xbox One X share the same SSD architecture, reducing the loading times for the next generation of consoles. The games have become ridiculous with their loading times this generation, but it seems that Microsoft and Sony considering changing that.

The two outgoing Microsoft consoles in November offer SSD technology, just like the two ps5 consoles coming out about the same time. For all players who have enough to wait for a loading screen, they will be delighted to see the games load much faster from the next generation, regardless of the range of consoles they choose. The Xbox Series X offers better technology inside, but the Xbox Series is clearly just as capable of quickly loading games according to this Microsoft video.

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