The three-gaugicing Korea has released the Roast Jersey: Unacceptable Memory on the 24th PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Domestic formal release.

This game was the second work of the Jersey Iizu series that Kimura Takuya is starring, and in this work, Kiimura Takuya has been in the main character Yagami Takayaki.

The stage of this work is in Yokoha. The context of the murder event is captured in ordinary sexual trials, and the total electrode is revealed in the process of examining it. We are investigating the incident, the prosecution and violence group. The player will become a Yagi to follow the truth of the event and stands at the rule of law and definition.

Meanwhile, Roast Jersey: The unparalleled memory is free of charge to play through the beginning of the story from the beginning of the Story. The play data of the trial plate can be inherited to the main piece, but some play spots are not available.

Meanwhile, the previous job, the Iz: The purpose of the purpose of the executor is also in progress on the discount sales, and it is also on the release memorandum of Youtube. For more information, see Separate Licing Korea Official Facebook.

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