In Sound Mind Psychological horror with some original ideas but also a lot of well known

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Genre: Action Adventure Developer: We Create Stuff Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X / S Release: 28 . September 2021

The depths of human psyche fathom, but also listen to the sarcastic remarks of a talking cat when it is stroking – that sounds very unusual at first. In the core, in Sound,, however, a very typical psychological horror game from the ECO perspective awaits you.

The story is emphasized mysterious. It quickly becomes clear that our hero of Desmond Wales is psychotherapist. What this means, however, if he says that his patients like the flies die, or what it has with barrels of luminous chemicals remains puzzling. Even who is the caller who has little nice words for us and why we talk to a cat, we have to find out.

Exploration and survival: To see through the story, we fall into the worlds of former patients. We explore different locations such as a run-down apartment building, which acts as a hub world, an abandoned supermarket and a coastline with lighthouse. To the classic gloomy horror game atmosphere come from time to time in the form of colorful fluorescent opponents, a cartoon-like skeleton man – and just the talking cat.

We listen to tape banning memories, read notes, get new key objects to get along (like a gas mask), collect resources and solve puzzles. Against ordinary enemies, we defend ourselves with near and ranged weapons, while we have to come in an injured spirits by finding out what they can not stand.

Technique: When playing on the PS5, in Sound, Mind did not flow throughout. Again and again there were stutterers who made themselves noticeable especially in turns, which could indicate framing pacing problems. However, we played the game without the Day One Patch.

What makes in Sound Mind so special?

In Sound Mind leads us to varied scenes and gives us new mechanics in the game again and again. There are also unusual elements such as the glowing opponents and the speaking cat in the hub world.

For whom is interesting in Sound mind?

Horror fans get the all-round program with puzzles, escapes and survival mechanics.

Nothing is in Sound Mind for impatient players or those who want the continuous shooter action or polished AAA horror รก la Re: Village.

What do we like, what not?

We really like that in Sound Mind to us in the game again and again something new in the game – be it settings or mechanics. The unusual ideas like the talking cat are interesting accents. However, the game sets these very economical. Most elements, on the other hand, seem familiar or familiar because we already know them from many other horror games. Even the controller control is somewhat getting used to.

Assessment of the editors

Samara Summer
@ Also im winter
In Sound Mind is a very typical horror game that has pretty much everything that I connect with the genre: from the lighthouse over collecting batteries for the flashlight to puzzles with crank and door. This program works, but offers little new. I would have liked to have a little gaudler and folded, as the game has such elements, but this is too rare in the two played chapters to create a very own atmosphere.

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