Xbox Insider Update with New Controller Firmware

For Xbox Insider, a new firmware update for Xbox One Controller with Bluetooth Support, Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller Xbox ELite Wireless Controller, has been released, which offers Next-Gen features that are previously only for Xbox Controllers of the Series X | S available. This is how the downward compatibility with the Xbox accessories you have already maintained in your collection and ensures that the best gaming experience is offered.

Better cross-device connectivity

These controllers now support Bluetooth Low Energy, which allows better compatibility between different devices and a better pairing experience. You can play wirelessly on Windows 10 PCs, iOS 15+ and Android devices with Bluetooth Low Energy to play from your console or play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the way in the cloud.

After installing the firmware update, these controllers remember a Bluetooth host (for example, a smartphone) and an Xbox Wireless Host (eg an Xbox console), so you can quickly switch between previously connected devices.

Reduced latency

The firmware update brings the innovation Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) on these controllers. Dynamic Latency Input supplies controller inputs more efficiently to the Xbox Series X / S and thus ensures a more responsive gaming experience.

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