Thunderful and Headup announced today that the 3D platform Pumpkin Jack will also appear for next-gene. The Pumpkin Jack New Gen Edition already appears on October 27, 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.

The fiery lights of Pumpkin Jack s carved grin will look even more scary thanks to 60 frames per second and a touch of next-gene raytracing than ever.

Thus, the already lively and atmospheric world, which has created the solo developer Nicolas Meyssonnier in his declaration of love to the classic era of the 3D platform, even better.

What makes this Halloween pleasure a bit sweet is the fact that Pumpkin Jack will be purchased on Playstation and Xbox platforms. This means that you also receive access to the appropriate load gene version with the purchase of the PS5 or Xbox Series X | S version and Vice Versa. Whoever has the game already receives a free Next-Gen upgrade.

On your way to avoid evil to victory over the good, you travel through a series of scary locations, masters combos and evasive maneuvers to defeat challenging beasts, builds up an impressive arms arsenal and dissolves devilish mini-games that are on skills and puzzles focus.

It is the perfect blend of old and new, which connects a retro-inspired title that builds on the heritage of games like Medievil and Jak & Daxter, with the technological performance of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S connects.

On PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, Pumpkin Jack New-Gen Edition offers performance mode that reaches a resolution of up to 4k at 60fps. On PS5 and Xbox Series X, a quality mode is also available, which reaches a resolution of up to 4k at 30fps and adds with ray-tracing effects and shadows in higher quality.

Pumpkin Jack developer Nicolas Meyssonnier, says: Pumpkin Jack may be a retro recourse to the Golden Age of the 3D platformer, but it emphasizes it with contemporary graphic that has never looked better thanks to the new generation raytracing improvements. Has. This is the final edition of Pumpkin Jack, which appears just in time for Halloween!

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