FIFA 22 on PS4 and PS5 together do not play possible but there is a trick

The football is supposed to bring people allegedly together. It would be offered if we all could play FIFA 22 together. But unlike real football, we unfortunately denied us that in Eas s latest football simulation. Some fans could already put their hands on the controller and have to confirm what many feared: Also this year there will be no cross-play feature in FIFA.

No cross-play in FIFA 22

Players inside on PlayStation, Xbox and PC must therefore stay below themselves and can not divest games with each other platforms. The Nintendo Switch is completely outward with its original version of FIFA anyway.

The disappointment is likely to be big for some fans, especially if played in the circle of friends on different consoles.

No cross-games between PS4 and PS5 is not possible

Cross-play is also a lot about politics – some platform owners just do not want their users to play with those of the competition. But does not work at least cross gene? So players can play inside on PS4 and PS5 or on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One?

No, that s not possible. Quite simply, because the Next-Gen versions were not only visually revised, but also offer completely new gameplay features like the animation technology hypermotion. An interaction with the old version would not be possible. Cross-play could theoretically be added at some point of EA, but did not cross.

Hypermotion has on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S big influence on the happening on the place:

Play on the PS5 with PS4 player inside – there is a small workaround

Who acquires the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 for around 100 euros, gets access to the load-gene and Next gene version of the game. In this case, for example, on the PS5, you can play the career mode alone, and if you want to play with friends who do not have PS5 yet, switch to the PS4 version. It is ideal but not, because you have to download both versions for this.

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Games today FIFA 22

If you order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22, you may go to the digital lawn since yesterday. All others start at the official publication date: FIFA 22 comes on October 1 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But there is another way.

If you get a subscription at EA Play, you can already play FIFA 22 for ten hours, because the early access access has been unlocked on 22 September. On PlayStation and Xbox, there is currently an offer that pays only 99 cents for one month subscription.

Get the FUT app: Together with the Early Access, the FUT app has already been made available. This helps you to create individual tactics to better monitor your progress and share your ultimate team with others easier.

Do you find the lack of multiplayer features in FIFA 22 annoying?

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