Halo Infinite Praising words of Halo

Neverwinter: Xbox Series S Gameplay

The last weekend participating Xbox Insider could try the Multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite. Also Marcus Lehto has fallen into the beta. The co-skin of the Halo Universe and Father of the Master Chief had only given praising words. After that, Lehto had fun in the beta and praised the fresh yet familiar struggles as he wrote in a tweet. Halo Infinite continue to see fantastic and the design of the cards he found beautiful. > I had a lot of fun playing Halo Infinite this weekend. The fighting are fresh and yet familiar and the game looks fantastic. The cards are beautifully designed. > HAVING A GREAT TIME PLAYING HALO INFINITE THIS WEEKEND. Combat Is Fresh Yet Familiar and the Game Looks Fantastic. Beautiful Map Designs Too. > > – Marcus Lehto (@Game fabricator) September 26, 2021

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