Battlefield 2042 Open Beta info about the PRE

Electronic Arts and Dice today announces that the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042 is available from October 08 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 and PC. EA Play, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members and pre-ordering the game have access to content on October 6th. All players can start the pre-load from 05th October.

The Open Beta of Battlefield 2042 includes the characteristic gaming experience of the conquest mode on the orbital card, which was previously introduced in the reveeal trailer of the game. Playing on PC and Next-Gen consoles will experience the epic new battles for 128 playing (64 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) in the large-scale conquest mode and fight key positions on the map.

As part of the Open Beta, participants can dip in the iconic mode All-out Warfare for which the franchise is known, and four unique specialist plays that have their own styles, specialties and features. Gambling can engage in the footsteps of the Russian engineer Boris, which is equipped with an SG-36 watch system, or in the role of Casper, a South African expert for camouflage and long-range attacks.

The German paramedic Falck, which specializes in support and Mackay, with a hook gun armed survival artist and nomade from Canada, also belong to the playable specialists.

The card Orbital from Battlefield 2042 plays in Kourou, French-Guyana and allows gambling to compete in a race against time against each other while fighting in the life-threatening environment of an imminent rocket launch.

The sectors of this map include the mounting building and the starting ramp, which are connected to each other via the crawlerway. During a game in the conquest mode, the players experience the characteristic dynamic cards for which Battlefield is known.

These cards include, among other things, an automated missile start sequence, rope rides between electricity pylons, vehicle fighting in bad weather and an unexpected tornado, which can turn the entire slaughtering upside down, and much more.

Before starting the Open Beta, the Battlefield Briefing Blog Series will be continued with a new developer contribution about progress and cosmetic objects on the official website. This contribution is dedicated to the progress system of Battlefield 2042, the return of the religious belts and other features such as championship and player card, cross-platform progress and cosmetic specialist options. Also includes the contribution Developer comments of Level Designer Kalle Nystrom and Lead Level Designer Shashank Uchil.

Battlefield 2042 can be pre-ordered and is available in retail and digital providers from November 19 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC as well as for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

Battlefield 2042 – Cross-Gen versions for Xbox One and Xbox Series X – Pre-order

Battlefield 2042 – Standard Edition – 79.99 euros
Battlefield 2042 – Gold Edition – 99.99 euros
Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition – 119,99 Euro

Battlefield 2042 – Xbox One – Pre-order

Battlefield 2042 – Standard Edition – 69.99 euros

The official trailer to start the Open Beta can be found again here:

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