Final Fantasy Origin has medieval aesthetics but his prota has an iphone 13 where he hears clean bizkit

Unfamiliar person of Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin is a future action role-playing game established by Group Ninja and also released by Square Enix. A spin-off of Square Enix s Final Fantasy collection, the story adheres to a collection of characters brought right into a dream globe to deal with the evil-minded Mayhem. The game is established to be released in March 2022 for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X/S.

I was here, thinking that my working day was going to end up in a calm way, without too many startles. But, suddenly, I have encountered the best video of the month. And I would say of the year. The protagonism falls on the new demo of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which is available at PS5 and Xbox Series after its presentation at TGS 2021 .

In the first demonstration we already saw that the protagonists alternated modern garments, perhaps too much, especially if we take into account the aesthetics and medieval atmosphere that the game has. As there was a lot of joining in his day, Square Enix has made a Hold My Beer , and has gone a step further. If I tell you, you do not believe it, so you can see the following video clip.

The video, which comes from the Streamer Damianicus and, as you can see, the good man can not stand the laughter. Dressed in some past few, which fit with the work, suddenly, Jack Garland, protagonist of the game, Raise from his hand a state-of-the-art mobile phone ringing Clean Bizkit at all cloth . If this is not the biggest fantasy you have seen in years, I do not know anymore.

As surreal as fun, and that we have only seen a couple of demos of the last bet of Square Enix for modernizing one of its most beloved sagas, betting on a combat and style development Dark Souls .

The game, by the way, already has a release date . This original proposal will be available from March 18, 2022 in PS5, Xbox Series and PC through Epic Games Store.

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