Final Fantasy XIV Devblog Go Behind the Scenes With Lead Technical Artist Tatsuya Okahisa

There s a brand-new dev diary in the FFXIV Backstage Investigators series, this time featuring Lead Technical Artist Tatsuya Okahisa.

Through the blog site, Okahisa explains his own history and training, along with how he involved Square Enix to begin with. Ends up he signed up with right prior to A Realm Reborn s release, and also aided from that remarkable age.

He additionally goes into simply what technical musicians do and especially what his team gives Last Fantasy XIV . Technical artists are those who function to develop the devices and also features that allow the modeling, impacts, and computer animation art groups. In offering some understanding, he names the game s 8 usable races and after that separated into male as well as women options as well as the method those variations all require tools to work. One device his team was accountable for deals with just that, adapting the basic components of tools to every race kind sufficient for the creative art team to take over and also use this procedure in making brand-new gear or even when the video game has actually added brand-new races.

Better behind the scenes procedures in the blog include work done on flying in Heavensward as well as swimming and also diving in Stormblood . For both of those processes to come about, the different physique of the different races needed to be accounted for in a technological feeling to provide the appearance that was required. Discovering what he calls the point of referral, a technological term the group makes use of for animating different type of body in an uniform means, yet obstacles like water were really served by having the technological art team to make it look a lot more possible than outrageous.

If you appreciate learning simply exactly how teams put your preferred video games together, this meeting with Tatsuya Okahisa is a must check out, specifically for Final Dream XIV fans. There have actually been a number of previous entrances to this devblog collection also, and also you can locate the total Okahisa meeting and the previous versions right here.

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