Xbox s Vision For 2042 Is 32K Resolution 480FPS Gameplay

This is a listing of games for the Xbox video game console.

Xbox 2042 - Imagine the future of gaming

2042 sure does seem like a very long time from currently, but Microsoft seems adamant that Xbox will certainly still exist after that. In partnership with EA to promote Field of battle 2042, the business has actually launched a trailer for Xbox 21 years in the future, and also it sure does look fancy.

Picture a gaming experience equivalent from fact, Microsoft intimidates in the video clip. We see video of a variety of possible video games, consisting of an army shooter, cowboy game, and a football video game, as well as it says the entire experience is powered by quantum modern technology and also sustains 1 quintillion floating-point procedures per second.

For comparison, the Xbox Series X sustains 12 trillion FLOPS– that s where the 12 TFLOPS number originates from. For a 2042-era Xbox to support 1 quintillion, the GPU would certainly have to be greater than 83,000 times extra effective.

It s an incredible figure and one that is actually possible currently, albeit only with a supercomputer. Still, obtaining to that in simply a couple of years for residence use is rather positive. The Dreamcast can regarding a little portion of what the Xbox Series X can do, but it s still not 83,000 times less powerful.

The ad claims this Xbox will have 32K indigenous resolutions at approximately 480 structures per 2nd, with no filling as well as a holographic customer interface. It likewise includes 70 video games at launch and also greater than 5000 backward-compatible Xbox games. If just.

The Xbox Series X stays quite challenging to find, so maybe we should concentrate on that one for the moment. It ll support Field of battle 2042, as will PS4, PS5, PC, and also Xbox One, when the game launches on November 19.

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