Valheim rides a LOX as long as there are no transport animals

The players of Valheim are still keen on mounts even after the release of the Valheim Update Hearth & Home, which would facilitate the transport of resources in the Viking survival game. So far, such transport animals or mounts have to wait, but the developers of Iron Gate discuss this possibility how they have confirmed in the interview with the authors of 4players.

Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate and developer, is quoted as follows: We have already discussed internal mountains, which can transport the ores and other materials. These discussions go further. We are sorry, but we have no answer While you still wait for resource transport (and press the thumbs), but a different player s request with Hearth & Home came into the game: the riding of Loxen!

Saddle + Lox = fun!

Loxe are persevering and resistant living beings in Valheim (Buy Now), which finds you in the levels, and a mix of lizards and oxen – at least the name is therefore. Before the first major Valheim-Update, you have chased the trimmed animals primarily for meat and skins, with stunt weapons like spears or arrows to damage increased damage. And then Lox are not very agile either, you can just dance around you, while you get it – or a signal fire from you makes o.o

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Armes Lox.

To tame a LOX, you have to make a saddle, for which your turn is 20 linen twin, 15 black metal bars and 10 leather stirring. Especially for collecting the ingots you will need a lot of time, you will eventually process the ore on a kiln. And the linen must be spun. The saddle assembly template will receive you when the items are in your inventory and you can start the manufacturing process at the workbench.

Valheim | Taming/Breeding/Transporting a lox
How to Tame a Lox

You can tie a LOX similar to a wild boar or a wolf. Before you attract a LOX, it is best built a stone enclosure that is big enough. With barley, linen or moltebears you can feed the lox and attract you into your enclosure. However, you must bring a lot of patience and food, because the tie process likes to take an hour. And have enough stones to repair the LOX enclosure again and again – because as long as the Lox does not show hearts over the head, it will always try to attack you.

If the Lox is finally friendly to you, then you can start up. Through his high life points and its resistance, it will be a loyal and strong companion. But remember that you have to stop with the LOX so that it attacks an enemy. Apart from that, it moves relatively sluggish and will be stuck in the forest more often. When the LOX dies, you will receive your saddle back. Too bad: Because a LOX does not offer itemslots, it is not suitable for transporting items. A full analysis of the first iteration of LOX riding can you look at the video of the Youtubers Jade PG.

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