Guild Wars 2 reaches the best numbers since 2018 and without a single big update

Guild Wars 2 - A Great Game for Busy and Casual Players
NCS oft has released its results for the third quarter of the 2021st Which reveal the sales figures of their games, including Blade and Soul, Ion, Lineage and Guild Wars 2. The MMORPG of Rennet celebrated a very successful quarter without publishing even a large content patch.

What are the numbers for Guild Wars 2 say? The Korean gaming company has released sales figures for the months of July, August and September. Overall, it ran for NCS oft rather weak, because they have lost about 14% of sales compared to last year.

For us in the West particularly the numbers of Guild Wars 2 are exciting. And they were surprisingly positive.

For the MMORPG managed a turnover of 19.11 billion won, or the equivalent of almost 14.1 million euros. This is the best value because the MMORPG has reached since the third quarter of 2018, at least judging by the Korean won and US dollar. The euro, however, has risen in price, which is why the Euro-number in the previous year was even slightly higher.

How Guild Wars 2 has managed that? Especially through the hype around the new extension End of Dragons, which was officially launched in July and will be released early 2022nd On new playable content, the developers have made virtually the entire Q3 of the 2021st

It appeared around only the update to the Twisted puppet, an old boss who was brought back into play.
Otherwise, put the developer on well-known events such as the Festival of the Four Winds or the bonus weeks old episodes of the living world.
In addition, it first beta events around gave to the new extension.

Only the hype about End of Dragons was enough apparently for retrieving many players or animate to spend their money.

Are not included in the quarterly report revenue of EOD? Although the pre-orders for End of Dragons have already been launched with the announcement in July, but so far Rennet has always expected the pre-orders in the fourth quarter.

That was already the release in 2012 so where the biggest spike in Q4 of the year and thus good two months after release was. The expansion Heart of Thorns was in June (and Q2) are reserved, 2015. The highest point of the revenue can be seen but only in Q4. The same in Path of Fire, which appeared in the third quarter 2017, but the spike was only later.

Sharp decline especially in PC MMORPGs upturn in Lineage 2M

Who are the losers in NCS oft?

Blade & Soul has lost much compared to last year. The numbers fell by more than 40% down and are especially difficult because in Korea in June, the new engine update was released. That should provide impetus for the MMORPG. In early September, the engine update was published in the West, but here it sparked no hype. The new classes that come every year seem no longer to meet the players.
Lineage 1 is considered to be something like the WoW in Korea because it has existed for decades and is still played actively and developed. But in the last two quarters, the numbers clearly went down. The sequel to Lineage 2 could hold about his numbers in the period shown.
The hardest thing has hit the mobile game Lineage M. That was a big hit in 2017, and generated sales of $2 billion within 2 years. However, the numbers halved almost between the third quarter of 2020 and 2021. The reason for the slump is probably the success of Lineage 2M and a generally less interest in Lineage 1, on which the mobile game based.

Who are the winners at NCS oft In addition to Guild Wars 2, there were two other winners, if we compare the figures from the previous year?:

Ion has increased considerably in 2021 and the sales figures almost doubled compared to the 2020th This is mainly due to the Classic servers that are launched in Korea and in America. In Europe, Game forge has not launched this server. However, the Classic server are also considered Pay2Win, so that a release would probably flop here.
Lineage 2M has slightly improved his numbers compared to last year and is currently the most successful game in the portfolio of NCS oft.

What is the future of NCS oft? In the third quarter, the new mobile MMORPG Blade & Soul appeared 2. However, that was so Pay2Win that it has even caused a Shit storm in Korea. The developers have responded quickly, but the game seems to be no big hit at this time.

For 2022, the release of End of Dragons in Guild Wars 2 is imminent.

Origin will: In addition, the players on Project TL, which is now probably the name TL hope. This is a new MMORPG in the ISO perspective, similar to Lost Ark. The game is a lot of money have swallowed in the development and appear for PC and consoles:

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