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Journal Treasures of the Aegean Sea

The notion of being trapped in a temporal loop has been explored in a variety of media for years. From Classic Harold Ramps Marmot Day to the dark lands of finished in Major s Mask, the public fell in love with the idea of ​​escaping the cycle. 2021 saw the idea reaching new heights with a plethora of titles using the premise in a strange and innovative way. Placing the exploration in the foreground, Treasures of the Aegean aims to take you to an epic discovery trip, but will it be enough to differentiate oneself into a cluttered genre?

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Based on reality, the game explores the history of Minoan civilization. After a tragic and devastating volcanic eruption, the island of There is destroyed only traces of culture now forgotten. The protagonist, Marie Taylor, a talented and acrobatic adventure is looking for the buried kingdom. With the help of James Andrew, a warned treasure hunter, you discover that the historical event is caught in a time loop. You now assume the colossal task of discovering the secrets of Minoans to accomplish an old prophecy to break the loop.

Every trip through the Aegean ruins is varied because of the vast and expansive environment. You will start at random points and discover the many secrets that live there. Inside are valuable relics to collect, each containing extracts of information about the lost culture, helping to build the global narrative. Multiple faceted puzzles adorn the caves. These require you to find objects and solve puzzles to grow more in the nonlinear world. The absence of objective is both liberating and frustrating. Sometimes I found myself to want a little direction in order to progress in a field, however, because of the size of the world, there is always a new place to explore.

Unfortunately, the card itself is not the best. Although he is people over time, huge portions leave you only a glimpse of the structures when you walk. You can place markers on key points, however, I think the locations related to puzzles should be automatically added to the map, which would avoid constantly switching.

Marie can effortlessly cross the labyrinth of half-demolished structures with ease. With the ability to climb the walls, slide under the obstacles and zigzagged up buildings, it has Parkour skills that compete with OHIO Auditor. Although its movement is fluid, animation problems have surfaced from time to time, however, these infrequent occurrences have not hindered the experience.

A handful of enemies are scattered in the environment, forcing you to find itineraries to avoid their views. If they are identified, they will pull you up, however, their bullets move at an abnormally slow pace, giving you the opportunity to avoid shot. If you are touched or fall from a distance, you will simply dagger and reappear nearby. This allows you to return instantly in the game, but it deletes any sense of danger.

The areas are expertly designed, allowing you to combine techniques to cross the barrier dam that you will encounter. The map disposes seamlessly from various thematic areas, which facilitates the identification of new and unexplored land. While remaining connected, you will discover pouring vessels, aircraft wrecks and much more by seeking treasures in this mysterious country.

Counter the open world are linear segments that take place before the time loop in which you are trapped. These help to develop the story by exploring the journey of the protagonists. You will be transported to different points in time to steal artifacts to escape a helicopter in your pursuit and more. The sections are exciting and are beautifully designed, requiring you to use all the skills of your arsenal. Opposed to amorphous open areas, these short and structured times ensure that the game maintains a nice pace throughout.

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Comic fans will immediately feel at home because every aspect has been designed with love and admiration for the Franco-Belgian comics. The world drawn by hand leaps from the screen because of its vibrant color palette that echoes that of his influences. The aesthetics of comics is enhanced by excellent presentation. The cutscenes are told in signs, speech bubbles and narrative boxes, anchoring the game on the beloved medium.

Treasures of the Aegean is an intriguing and bold game. By giving you total freedom, you can decide how you want to approach the enormous environment. Due to the fluid approach of the passing protagonist, you can brittle areas to discover the plethora of secrets that are buried there. While some can be discouraged by this lack of clear goal, those looking for an adventure that gives you control should certainly take a look at this liberating trip in an old and lost world.

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