World of Warcraft 13 Nostalgic Memories of Wrath of the Lich King

World of Warcraft, abbreviated WoW, is a computer system role-playing game (MMORPG) of the United States game developer Snowstorm Entertainment through the Web. It was published in 2004 for the first time, in Europe it showed up in 2005, later in other nations, to name a few things in the Individuals s Republic of China.
Globe of Warcraft received 2009 the Guinness Globe Document for the most prominent multiplayer online parlor game. By July 2012, the game produced over ten billion US dollar sales as well as made it the most effective computer game. To play Wow, a month-to-month charge needs to be paid. There are also a complimentary Beginner Version connected with limitations.
Considering that the moving of the basic variation, the Burning Crusade (2007), Wrath of the Rich King (2008), Cataclysm (2010), Mists of Mandarin (2012), Warlords of Drano (2014), Myriad (2016), Fight For Zeroth (2018) as well as Shadow lands (2020) published. In 2019, a re-publication of the basic version as well as 2021 released a re-publication of The Burning Crusade.

Not a few time readers are of the opinion that Wrath of the Rich King is the best extension for World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99). I do not see that, but maybe we can agree that Would was a damn good extension for WOW. So good that I would like to take you again on a nostalgiotrip in the past.

After sharing ten memories of Classic Wow and Memories of the Burning Crusade with you in the past, I ll tell you which moments I connect with the trip to North end. Do you share these special memories with me or connect your completely different moments with the second WoW add-on? Borrows me in the comments.

Note: We first published this product in 2015 and updated and raised to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Wrath of the Rich King.

1) Wrath of the Rich King: The first hero class

It took almost four years until the class portfolio of World of Warcraft has been extended by a new trio of playing ways. A very long time and great was my anticipation of the new death knight.

Memories of Would: The death knight is still the only hero class in WoW. Source: Blizzard The Class I have to play! β€” Feeling reinforced, as it became clear that I do not have to start with the new class at level 1, but can start with Level 55 in the race. My main character, the rogue, I did not want to put into the corner for the death knight, but it was understood by itself that I will bring the new hero class in the course of the add-on to the new maximum stage.

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Especially I especially like to remember my first time in the Torn Starting area of ​​The Dark Knight, which especially pleased in terms of atmosphere, especially in terms of atmosphere. At the same time, the countless forum discussions in which there was only one topic: the death knight is too strong and must be attenuated. Maybe it was because it felt in Would in the meantime more deaths knight than other classes πŸ™‚

2) Wrath of the Rich King: The Gate of Wrath

A Would retrospect without the Licking is simply not conceivable. After all, he was who forced me to break into cold north. With in your luggage: a lot of anticipation. Because for me Warcraft 3 velvet belongs to the add-on frozen throne to the best titles of video games history β€” also because of the Art has Story.
Memories of Would: Horde and Allianz combines in the fight against the KΓΆnig. Source: time The Good Licking did not take it in north end, to dive again and again and threaten me with the final damnation. The first epic highlight was then in the Dragon on the gate of anger: In a pretty staged In game sequence, I watched, like Lord Bolivar and Surfing Junior with the scourged shots β€” at war cry for the Horde I also get today Every single time goose bumps.

At least as unforgettable is the appearance of Art has, the confrontation between Soughing and Frostmourne on the stairs… and of course the subsequent betrayal of the pharmacist association. This sequence was horny for the first time and is also looking at the twentieth. Why don t such moments do not succeed today, Blizzard?

3) Wrath of the Rich King: Attention β€” Earwig Alarm

As well as I found the music in every WOW extension, Blizzard has surpassed with Would. Whether it s the main theme, the music from the Gate of the Worn Sequence or the Background Gentle of Panoramas β€” I can still listen to all pieces of soundtrack today without wow. Memories of Would: Because of the music alone, the journey is worth to howling fjord. Source: time like ingenious are above all the different pieces of the North end Zones: the Scottish-inspired theme from the howling fjord, the chilled sounds in the grizzly hills, the threatening tone of the Korean tundra. No other WoW extension I connect so much with his music like Would.

4) Wrath of the Rich King: Phasing until the doctor is coming

Would was the first WOW extension in which the phasing technology has been properly used. That started in the starting area of ​​the death knight, which changes the further one in the Quest series progresses. Also in the zones of north end, especially in ice crown, the phasing was used extensively.

The made sure first that you had the feeling the first time to really influence the world β€” because the areas in the course of the missions really changed. A very cool feeling I previously barely knew so in WoW. Memories of Would: In Ice crown the phasing particularly often was used. Source: time On the other hand saw the phasing also some frustration, that whenever you wanted to play with friends who were not as advanced as oneself β€” or vice versa. Nevertheless, the phasing is a technique that I would like not to miss in modern MMORPGs, at least if it is well implemented.

5) Wrath of the Rich King: Winter grasp

Even before Would there have been attempts to concentrate Open PVP to certain areas of the world and to make participation in the fighting through rewards tasty β€” think only at times Haley in Grand. So perfect has never worked. Accordingly, great was my hope that things will get better with Winter grasp, also because we have been promised proper siege warfare.

However, the non-instanced PVP had his quirks. On my server at each Winter grasp battle was so much going on that all the nearby areas were struggling at this time with performance problems. Malayan jerky like the worst earthquake? Then in Winter grasp just the bear quilts! In Panoramas nobody gets out the plus / minus change in Thaddeus? The PVP players are to blame! Memories of Would: In Winter grasp was at first so much going on that you could not reasonably raid in Panoramas. Source: time

Also in Winter grasp itself there was initially a variety of problems such as the imbalance of political groups or seconds long still images when you approached the fortress center. So the developers rowed a piece far back and left during the battle, only a limited number of players in the zone.

Despite the teething Blizzard has made something right with the zone. As farm Spot with integrated OpenCV skirmishes Winter grasp was great. I also liked the idea to reward the winner with the access to a raid boss β€” said the extension was until the end always something going on in the zone.

6) Wrath of the Rich King: The Panoramas revival

Who my Classic Review has read, knows that I was traveling at the time, although in Panoramas, but could lay until the release of TBC far from every boss. Accordingly, it made little of me that the recycled necropolis should be the first raid instance in Would.
Memories of Would: Here recycling has once made sense: Panoramas should have played at any time. Source: time Quite the contrary: the great design of the instance that 15 different bosses, the well-balanced difficulty β€” it was to have exactly the right decision by Blizzard, Panoramas fly into the Dragon blight and open a second time for all players. Because everyone should be tried at times Heigan-Dance, prevent the four riders and have faced Key Thread.

7) Wrath of the Rich King: When dwarves dig too deep β€” Ulnar

Ever Would was epic for fans Raid challenges a class extension. On Panoramas (and Maligns and Arthurian) followed with Ulnar equal to the next huge chunk of the whopping 14 bosses in the ring throwing.

The special this time: Ten of the 14 opponents had a built-in hard mode, we were able to capitalize in the fight at the request β€” who does not remember the red do not press button at Minion?
Memories of Would: Ulnar is one of many players to the best raid instances of WoW. Source: The time hard modes Been nice crisp, really hard, but it was then in the final battle against Algal on, you could tackle only one hour a week. Which Blizzard developer is please come up with this stupid idea? Nevertheless, Ulnar is a great raid challenge that has everything demanded of my guild for weeks or months bottom line.

8) Wrath of the Rich King: The Argent Tournament

Somewhat ironically, I could say that the Argent was the Would counterpart for the island of Fuel Dana, only boring. Why? Well, for one thing, that We, the servers against evil feeling, the motivation to go on the island in TBC above all, in Ice crown was not available.

On the other hand, there was only a few daily repeatable tasks and the new lance struggles, which made me fun after a few rounds. There was also Dailies on the TBC island, but there were PVP plagiarizes daily for variety. And for the third there was hardly interesting rewards for me old collector s muffs, which is why I have rather quickly hung my career as a knight to the nail.
Memories of Would: The Colosseum of Crusaders was a great Quickie and a lousy partner for eternity. Source: time tightly interwoven with the argent tournament is of course the Colosseum of the Crusaders, the first RAID instance, which is with selectable normal and heroic mode. As a small quickie for in between, the arena bosses were class: nice boss mechanics (I say only: PVP challenge against fighters of the other faction!), No Trash, the bottomless surprise at the end… stupid, however, that the Quickie was one Four months ongoing date has been bloated, in which one asks the same partners to dance.

9) Wrath of the Rich King: Nix lot in the PVP

After in TBC, the large mass of players stormed the battlefields to get a high-stage home equipment without much effort, the exact opposite was in Would, who wanted to have epic clothes visited Panoramas and the thousand winter bosses, In the battlefields and arenas only the hard-minded PVP players lost.
Memories of Would: The beach of the ancient fought at the beginning with various childhood diseases. Source: time Okay, I can not prove that with hard numbers. The small number of open battlefields (which was visible at the time), the endless long waiting times as well as the lack of motivation of my In game friends showed me that comparatively few heroes in Would regularly played PVP. Perhaps the unusual came that even for less strong PVP parts had to bring a personal rating. But maybe it was because the new battlefields of the beach of the ancient and island of the conquest did not arrive too well.

10) Wrath of the Rich King: The final against Art has

Art has was already in my second memory a topic, but how can I write about Would and then do not go to the ice crown citadel and the great add-on final? Twelve bosses were waiting for my Raid here, including special as Valeria dream converter, in which we had to try the dragon, instead of transporting him into Nirvana.

Remembering World of Warcraft: Nostalgia Compilation

The Raid remains unforgettable but of course thanks to the Licking: The final fight was already pretty crisply on normal, but never unfair. After every wipe, we knew exactly what a mistake we had made and how we could turn off. The heroic mode then demanded us everything.
Memories of Would: A moment you do not forget so fast: the first victory over the Rich king. Source: time rewarded all the efforts with a final sequence, the goose-bumps potential β€” and from which the end of many other extensions can cut off a lot β€” yes, won, we look at you !! For me, Art has is clearly the absolute favorite end boss of all WOW extensions. Hopefully it leaves Blizzard, no one really needs a recycled Licking.

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