GTA Trilogy In the Remaster it rains so strong that you do not recognize anything else

Rock star and Grove Street Games, with the Remaster GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, just quite a breakage of fracture. The performance leaves something to be desired, character models are partially properly protest and on the control was then not so much changed, as hoped. But also the rain ensures frown in many fans. For the weather phenomenon looks so strange in to Remaster of GTA San Andreas, that otherwise nothing else remains recognizable.

GTA Trilogy: To Remaster makes the rain for impenetrable effect

That s why: Actually, GTA Trilogy GTA 3, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City should be launched as a chic, contemporary polished Remaster versions. Under a definite edition, we usually understand the best possible variant, the essence of what Publisher and Developer Studio want to present.

But at least that has not worked, unfortunately. There are so many problems with the GTA Trilogy that the PC version was not available for a short time. Many fans feel reminiscent of the Launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and no longer understand the world. What went wrong, you can watch you in this video:

What s going on with the rain? The warrior improvements of the GTA Trilogy-Remasters also include graphical effects such as the rain. In particular, the rain. He looks so strange now that otherwise nothing else can be recognized more. The huge white stripes have a very intrusive and simply wrong. Above all, the navigation through the game world is difficult to complicate how you can see here:

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Something seems really easy to work here as it is. Before some backgrounds, the raindrops look much too bright and intense, over the water it does not rain. Combined with the bright flashes of the thunderstorm, the chaos acts complete.

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Patches should come: The developer studio behind GTA the Trilogy: The Definitive Edition is currently working with high pressure to patches. This explains at least the Grove Street Games-CEO Thomas Williamson on Twitter. The launch was Monumental. When the updates come and if then really directly all major problems can be resolved, is not fixed yet.

How do you find the rain in the GTA Trilogy? What do you generally say about the condition of to Remaster?

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