GTA Trilogy receives underground rating of angry fan base

With the GTA Trilogy Rockstar Games would first try at a remastered version of older titles. The games GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and GTA 3 were visually adapted to the modern era, but to the nostalgic feel to get back then, little else has changed.

But as it stands currently, the innovations of the fans do not seem to like it. On Metacritic now the first ratings of the players spin, and these are more bad than underground. The review Bombing reminiscent of the Launch of The Last of Us 2 and now becoming apparent even in GTA Trilogy.

GTA Trilogy rating below 1 of 10

What is it? On the platform Metacritic, users can submit their own evaluation independent of the trade press. And the picture that emerges is more than clear.

What rating gets GTA Trilogy? The Best Rated version is the PS5 version of GTA Trilogy, she ends up with a score of 0.9 out of 10 possible points. The remaining versions level off between 0.4 and 0.7. The Xbox One version of the lowest scores.

The ratings may change over time, so the information is only valid for the current time. The PS5 version but has already more than 1,000 votes.

What is the reason for the review Bombing? The players inside criticize among others the bad graphic style of GTA Trilogy. In our paper we have shown already some quirky character models, the fans are noticed during their game sessions. A user recalls the look of two well-known game titles:

The original style and aesthetics go completely lost. Game design and visual design are destroyed. You can compare one frame, the original will be better. […] Now watch all the games equally bad, like a mixture of Roblox and Fortnite.

An impression of the graphics of the game you can already buy the GTA Trilogy trailer get:

Yard-long list of criticisms

In addition, the game is full of bugs. It will not only give the old game mistakes that were simply not eradicated, but his new ones were added. Some playing reminds the state even at the Cyberpunk 2077 release:

Man, Rock star has really presented to us a cyberpunk 2077th As this trilogy ever left to the public, is a mystery to me. Go badly. The games are 20 years old and there was not a lot of them, and they do not provide even 4K 60fps on next-gen consoles.

Another point is the technically poor performance because the games provide a 4K resolution and a constant frame rate of 60 FPS on Xbox PS5 and Series X / S not even.

In addition to misspellings join in the English version, taken out iconic soundtracks and the revision of signs, were adapted modern audiences attached to it. The list of negative points is long.

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The GTA Trilogy Definitive Situation Is Getting MUCH Worse.....

improvement in sight

On Twitter Thomas Williamson, CEO of the posted responsible for the development studio Remaster Grove Street Games, that it will be for the team a monumental launch. He vowed that the team is currently working on updates that will hopefully weed out many bugs from the game.

But when the updates will appear for GTA Trilogy, Williamson did not reveal. Thus, it remains to be seen when the promised improvement comes and if that can appease the angry player base.

What first impression do you have of GTA Trilogy?

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